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Technics SL-2000

2-Speed Direct-Drive Turntable (1976-1977)

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technics sl-2000 turntable
Technics SL-2000


The SL-2000 is designed for those who want direct drive performance at a moderate cost.

This beauty is equipped with Technic's famous brushless DC motor, which operates free from power line fluctuations and trouble causing heat and hum.

The absence of moving parts in the motor means better reliability and longer service life.

Completely accurate platter speed is guaranteed by a one chip IC servo control, a simple and compact unit equivalent to 78 electronic components.

The result of all this precision is wow and flutter of only 0.045% WRMS and rumble of -70dB DINB.

A precisely manufactured tonearm ensures minimum tracking error and optimum mass distribution for high compliance cartridges.

Clear and clean sound reproduction is assisted by the insulation fibre board and a newly developed insulator which effectively shields the motor and tonearm assembly from outside vibrations.

The heavy zinc diecast tonearm base also works to prevent vibration and subsonic resonances.

Other features of the SL-2000 include a fine-scale direct reading anti-skating device, an illuminated stroboscope, independent pitch controls variable by up to 10%, viscous damped cueing, aluminium diecast universal headshell, and detachable dust cover.


Type: direct drive

Motor: low speed electronically controlled brushless DC motor

Platter: 30cm aluminium diecast

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Speed change: electronic change

Pitch control 10% adjustment range

Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS

Rumble: -70dB

Tonearm: Universal S-shaped tubular arm

Effective length: 220mm

Overhang: 14mm


instruction/owners manual  English Francais - harveyr

service manual  English

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My SL-2000 experience

I have one Technics SL-2000. I bought it in 2003 in a second-hand market. I pay about 100 eur, and works great. Very imprecisse pots. to adjust the speed, but I open the turntable to lubricate and clean these with a special contact-oil , and they work fine.
With a Audio Technica ATN-12S stylus, the sound is clear, precise high frecuencies. I use a Scott 222 tube amplifier and a Philips 22RH456 loudspeakers, and no need more to my small room. Have 3 MFSL recordings, the best sounding is a George Benson LP "Breezin". The first time I hear this recording, I was really really sorprended, is like Mr. Benson and his musicians plays to my in my bedroom!

Service manual

Thanks very much for making this manual available, much appreciated!


Very useful having the manual for this deck, thank you.

speed became unstable sometimes in my SL-2000

First of all, thanks alot VE for the service manual, you rulez!
I'm asking if someone can guide me a little bit to repair my SL-2000, due speed became unstable sometimes (once a week during just minutes).
Dirty pots maybe? or something to replace in board? Seems like this is a usual failure

thank you guys!


Hi Manolo ! I've fixed three

Hi Manolo !
I've fixed three SL-2000's with this problem by doing this : several (50-100) full turns on the pitch adjustment pots and repeated switching (50-100) on the 33/OFF/45 switch. This will probably not do the job alone, but its needed so this wont interfere with next step : on the bottom of the turntable you will find a sticker which says "Adjusted" - pull it off and you will find two small holes. These give access to the quartz speed adjustment pots - insert a small screw driver carefully in the hole that has "33" engraved above it and make some (5-10) slight turns (approx +/- 10 degress) in both directions. Repeat this on the hole that says "45". Put back the "Adjusted"-sticker. This should do the job and if it doesn't do it in the first place then repeat it one more time.
All the best

Technics SL 2000 Turntable Auto Features

Most Elder Guru is trying to find an owner's manual for subject turntable. HELP! Also, what are the automatic
features of the turntable, if any? Appreciate any info, thanks.

Hi / Technics SL2000 motor available

Hi Manolo
About a year or so ago, I bought 3 NOS Technics SL2000 motors (part number MKL-15SI-T, Matsushita Corporation) off ebay... I was going to build a few DIY turntables, but found it impractical in the long run (decided just to build one, with an existing tonearm "Dremel'd" from an existing turntable base, a Scott PS-69-A)... Because of this, and because I'm likely selling the one I built once it's done, I will be left with 2 extra motors. If interested, please feel free to let me know. Thanks,

ps. I think I'll just stick to the Linn and Thorens (belt drive, suspended subchassis) turntables, as well as some of the better quartz direct drive turntables for the "Neapolitan project" (the one I'm using the SL2000 motor in), I'm downloading the schematic, since I seem to be missing something in the wiring instructions/circuitry (since I want to be sure before wiring it up)... I have a feeling there's supposed to be some "external board" with a switch and external pots and possibly resistor/capacitor networks?. I'm sure my question will be answered shortly...