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Technics SL-1950

Direct-Drive Automatic Record Changer (1977)

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technics sl-1950 turntable
Technics SL-1950


The Technics SL-1950 features a one-chip IC of 321 element density to control motor speed for accuracy and reliability, with B-FG servo control.

The automatic changer functions include start, tonearm set-down, lift-off and return, and record change.

The changer mechanism can accommodate 6 records at any one time.

In the single play mode, the memo-gram dial control allows six repeated plays of a record, or continuous play.

The heavy monolithic bas and isolator system of the SL-1950 protect the turntable from external vibrations.

A moving magnet cartridge, EPC-270C-II is supplied as standard.


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual (M/MC) (low res)  English - mheym56820

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Stuck cueing

This is a common problem with many Technics turntables and very easy to fix. Look underneath the turntable where the cueing mechanism is. There is a brass plunger riding in a brass tube--about 1/8" diameter. The brass corrodes and it freezes up. Put a drop or two of Liquid Wrench on it and let it set awhile then try moving the pin in and out of the tube. Repeat several times. When free, put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on it to flush out any old crud. Repeat several times then put a drop or two of light machine oil there and you're done. Fixes it every time.

Tecnics SL-1950

After about 25 years, I took the SL-1950 out of the box again. Seems OK except for the cuing lever/lift. It seems to be frozen in the rest position and does not move at all when the lever is moved. Has anyone had to repair the cuing mechanism on an SL-1950?

SL 1950

GOt simular problem only mine wouldn't drop so I adjusted the height so it is in the down position but have to be there when the LP is finished since it won't lift. Can that part be replaced ? The manual dosen't address that part

SL-1950 arm lift stuck up

I've got the same problem, won't drop. Did you ever resolve yours?

SL 1950 Turntable

Is there a manual for this model