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Technics SL-1900

Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

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Technics SL-1900


The Technics SL-1900 is a 2-speed, direct-drive turntable with fully automatic single disc playback.

A one-chip IC, incorporating 321 elements, controls motor speed for superb accuracy with servo control.

The tonearm mechanism gives convenient automatic set-down, lift-off and stop.

Memo-repeat control permits up to six repeated plays of the record, or continuous play.

The heavy monolithic bas and isolator system protects against external vibrations.

The SL-1900 comes complete with an EPC-270C-II moving magnet phono cartridge.


Type: automatic turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Platter: 310mm aluminium diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 10%

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Rumble: -73dB

Tonearm: universal, static balanced

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Dimensions: 137 x 430 x 334mm

Weight: 7.2kg


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tone arm does not lift high enough

The tone arm dosent lift high enough. Also the lever to raise the tone arm near the base does not raise the tone arm at all. Any suggestions?

Tone Arm Doesn't lift high enough

Usually there is an adjustment on the lift rod. Look for a tiny screw which can be loosened and allow adjustment to the lift.

Receiver without phono input

Ricky-Pooh: Yes you will need a phono pre-amplifier to bring your phono cartridge output (2-12 mV) up to the typical 1 volt "line level" inputs for "VCR input", "Tape input", "CD input", or "line input". It really doesn't matter which "line-level" input you use. Your "pre-amp" will also provide the standard "RIAA equalization" needed to play back records properly too.

Connecting to a receiver without a pre amp

I'm looking to purchase a new receiver and the current one I have is a Technics SA-GX470 which has a phono connection. Now I understand many of the new receivers don't have a phono connection. Therefore, do I need a preamp to connect it to a receiver with only input RCA jacks that aren't made fore turn tables.

Cueing Issue

Hi: I'm brand new here. I've owned my 1900 since 1975, and had new patchcords, motor oil, & calibration service a year ago. My unit's cueing has lost most of it's damping, and my tech told me servicing the cueing on these is problematic. Apparently, parts are either used or new-old-stock and difficult to come by. He didn't want to try to service mine and take chances without the proper parts readily in hand, so I decided to live with my minor cueing issue as is for now.

Cueing lever doesn't work

My cueing lever does not affect the arm being raised and lowered. It appears to be stuck "up". I've had to remove the assembly to allow playing of albums.

The deck sat for 20 years so I'm sure that has something to do with it. If I push down lightly on the assembly, it does move a little; sort of "squishy" and I don't want to break something by pushing to hard.

Any ideas? It works great otherwise.


Same problem ...

Sorry for my basic english, I am not a native speaker.
I've got the same problem, I am ttrying to fix it but I don't know how to proceed.
The arm is stuck in high position, ...

Cueing lever


Sounds exactly like my situation. I have been ripping all my albums to WAV files using Audacity. (Awesome free software.) If I let it sit, the bar goes down overnight, but it's really annoying. I was planning to work on it today and possibly just remove the bar as you did. If you have received any advice from others, I would appreciate a note. Thanks, and good luck.


Sl-1900 Just stopped turning

I was using it one night and it worked fine, the next night I went to use it and it just doesn't turn any more. The light turns on, the arm will lift and move over to the record. I just doesn't turn. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this happen before and/or if anyone has any idea what it could be be fore I start taking it apart. Also I've been looking for a cover and hinges for it, was wondering if anybody knows of a good place ro find one.



Non-rotating platter

Did you accidentally move the speed switch off 33 or 45 to the center position? If so, that will cause the platter to not operate.

Coffee Tom

The sound is not loud enough

even if I raise the volume you still can't hear the record. I changed the needle.

phono preamp

Does your amp have a phono input suitable for your cartridge? The signal from the turntable is too low to run straight into a line level input.


Cueing Problem

I too have the sl-1900 and was used only a few times in the last 15 years. I had a problem with the cueing lever raising and lowering and researched on the internet and found that I had to disassemble the turntable to clean the cueing cylinder and replace the grease (special silicone grease)that over time had leaked out. It is very involved and takes a few hours the first time you do it. There is also an adjustment screw near the lever on the outside that makes an adjustment for where the needle places on the record when it starts.
You also need a receiver with phone inputs or a stand alone phone preamp to be able to hear it. I bought an Art Preamp and it works great.( Also over time you may need a new needle because the rubber on the stylus goes bad over time. I did all this and its like a new machine.

I was wondering if you had a

I was wondering if you had a web link to the place you purchased the grease and possibly if you had to dismantle the entire tone arm assembly to access the cylinder? I think I am reattaching the tone arm assembly, to the respective parts that push and pull, incorrectly because there is no activity when I use the "Start" switch, but the tone arm returns when I use the "stop" switch. I loosened the screw which holds the cam directly below the cuing cylinder, which allowed it to work briefly, but after the tone arm cycles through a record, it no longer wants to move more than 1 or 2 mm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.