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Technics SL-1700

Semi-Automatic Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable (1979-1981)

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mkI Servo control, mkII Quartz locked

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technics sl-1700 mk2
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Technics SL-1700


The SL-1700 offers the famous Technics direct drive system with the added convenience of semi-automatic operation.

Once the tonearm is manually positioned over the lead in grooves, the automatic mechanism will lower the tonearm onto the record when the lever is flicked, and automatically return it to the arm rest at the completion of play. The unit is then automatically shut off.

This handy feature frees the user from rushing to the turntable at the end of record play and also saves wear on your stylus.

At any time during play, flicking the stop lever will cause the tonearm to automatically lift up and return to the arm rest.


Type: semi-automatic turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: servo DC motor (mk1), brushless DC motor (mk2)

Platter: 330mm (mk1), 332mm 2kg (mk2)

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -73dB (mk1), -78dB (mk2)

Tonearm: universal s-shaped tubular arm

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 21.5 degrees (mk1), 22 degrees (mk2)

Weight: 8.8kg (mk1), 10kg (mk2)


advert (1978)  English - j_loop

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  Francais

service manual  English

mkII brochure  English

mkII brochure (alt scan)  English - andromeda

mkII instruction/owners manual  English

mkII technical bulletin  English - Japi Roelofs

mkII US service manual  English

mkII/mkIIA euro service manual  English - Graeme Dennes

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sl-1700 speed

I discovered I have an sL-1700 in my attic. I plugged it in and hooked it to my amp but the speed is way fast. What do I have to do to slow this down. And I was told if the cartridge is ceramic or magnetic it may not work with my amp. I am not getting any sound now. Any comments?

1700 mk2 cueing down problem.

I have a small problem with my 1700 mk2. When the arm returns to it's rest after playing a record, the arm wants to fly towards the centre of the platter instead of dropping down to it's rest. The same happens when you press the cue down button to start playing a record. Cue up is working perfectly. Any ideas? I have just moved home and it was working perfectly well at my old home !!!!

Check the two points:

Are you sure that the table is perfectly level ? Also check the anti-skating adjustment, maybe it's at zero.

Yes, the deck is level and

Yes, the deck is level and the anti-skate is on 3 gram. I have a feeling that it is the anti-skate at fault, put it on zero and it still does have the problem. Any idea how the anti-skate works on this model?



Je voulais vous remercier sur la qualité de votre site : mode d'emploi, forums, réponses tout ce qui fait un très bon site sur un sujet qui nécessite des professionnels.
Encore merci

Bonne continuations



manual SL- 1710

can anyone help me with the manual for SL- 1710?



MkII Pitch lights

Hi!, This is my problem. I have one Technics SL-1700 mkII and when the pitch is in the center the led is OK, but when I move the pitch, no matter what direction, the lights go to the "-6" light in the pitch led bank. What could it be the problem?

Same Problem

Hello Irwin,

I have the same problem on my SL-1700 MK2.
Did you received any information about how to fix this ?


Speed is too slow for 33rpm

I purchased an used 1700. It was working fine on 33 as well as 45 rpm records. Earlier my daughter slapped the tone arm and then I tried a 33rpm record, the arm was slipping. I thought it is a cart issue so replaced the cart.
Now the 45 rpm plays perfectly fine.
On 33 rpm - the speed it VERY slow. Initially when I turn the table on it rotates at varying speeds. Then after playing for a min or so, it settles for a painfully slow speed on 33 rpm setting. If I swtch to 45 rpm record, with setting changed to 45 rpm, it plays just fine.
What could be wrong? How can I fix it?

Edit - More can be seen in this thread -

This post talks about my adventures in trying to fix -

speed control

I am having speed issues with my spare SL-1700 on both speeds, later today I am going to disassemble the deck and clean all the pots (speed selector and both pitch controls). I have been told that will fix it, if not I am going to order a new selector. I'll post again and let you know how it goes.

speed issue fixed

^^^ I am also interested in the answer to the post above.

I got the speed issue fixed. Pots were replaced by a repair person. Now I am looking to mount a new cart m97xe. Please help with the steps needed.


Lubrication for SL1700 Direct Drive

Does anyone know the type or where I can get the lubricating oil for this mid-70s Technics direct drive turntable?

Also, crazy request, but I could also use a new dust cover for it. Anyone know a source?


Old School Radio DJ

what all to lube?

is there something I can offer to the tone arm, pivot etc?


Hi guys,
I need to change the Fuse of my SL-1700, and I saw that it is DEEPLY inside...
Do I really need to open everything (some fears of doing that...) or is there any other "shortcut" to reach the fuse?

Technics SL-1700

Hello U out there,

can anyone supply a service manual for SL-1700/1710 (1st edition - Mk1).

Thanks in advance!


SL1700 MK2

I'm also looking for a SL1700 MK2 intruction manual. Only a brochure is availble above. Hope somebody shares his manual. TIA

re: SL1700 MK2 manual

Hopefully, the first one that finds one will upload it. I need one as well.

Service manual

Did you ever find a service manual on the 1700 MK2?
I'm needing one too.


Technics SL-1700

Just for your information.

I was looking for a manual for my SL-1700. The instruction manuals listed are not the manuals for the SL-1700 turntable I have.


SL1700 MK2


I have the manual that was posted here as well.

I am no expert, but I am guessing there may be a difference between the SL1700 and the SL1700 MK2. Several obvious things are very different.


1700 and 1700 mk2

Yes they are different animals, the service manual here online is for the 1700. The mk2 uses the same arm, platter and motor as the SL-1200MK2 models so many parts are still available. I found a mk2 service manual online for US$15, it seemed good value.


SL-1700 MK2 Service Manual

perhaps you could scan and post your Mk2 manual?

I'm trying to figure out why the tonearm lift controls aren't working correctly on mine.