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Technics SL-1650

Direct-Drive Automatic Record Changer

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Technics SL-1650


The Technics SL-1650 is based on the SL-1600 direct-drive turntable, but features an automatic record changer mechanism.


Ultra low speed DC brushless motor

Integral rotor/platter

One chip, 321-element IC

B-FG servo control principle

Double isolated suspension system

Automatic start, lift off and return, record change and shut off

Accommodates up to 6 records

Memo-gram dial programs record change

Precision, low-friction tonearm

Viscous-damped cueing

Independent variable pitch control

Moving magnet (EPC-270C-II) cartridge supplied

Hinged, detachable dust cover


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English

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I'm sale IC AN630

I'm sale about Old Technics Turtable IC AN630, you can contact by PM or email direct to , payment by paypal only, quantity availalbe, thanks.

IC AN 630

How much for an IC 630? I'm considering buying one to have as a spare.




you can contact directly to my email:

this IC will be fixed spin/rotation issue of your turntable, we have limited stock, once empty I can't support anymore because my suplier also currently empty no stock anymore. :(


I'm looking for a working AN630 chip for my SL-D500.
The last one (chip) I tried was used and did not work at all.
My original lost all speed control and the turntable just spins at full speed when started.
Do you have any good chips to sell?

Spins out of control

My Technics SL-1650 platter spins out of control and it doesn't matter which speed is selected. Any ideas of what could be the problem? I have been told that I probably need to replace the "One Chip IC (AN 630)". Any idea where I can purchase just 1? I did find the part in Japan but they want to sell me at least 12 and it would cost a couple hundred. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!