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Technics SL-1600

Quartz Direct-Drive Automatic Turntable (1977-1981)

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Technics SL-1600


The SL-1600 mk2 reflects many of the developments which have made Technics a leader in the turntable industry, while adding some new features of it's own.

To begin with, it combines quartz phase locked speed accuracy with high torque and near instantaneous start-up. Quick stops are also provided by an electronic braking system.

Pitch is adjustable within a range of +-6%, totally under quartz control.

With the exception of the pitch control, all front panel controls are soft-touch switches.


Type: full auto turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Control method: servo control (mk1), quartz synthesizer (mk2)

Motor: DC motor

Platter: 330mm (mk1), 332mm 2kg (mk2) aluminium alloy die-cast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 10% (mk1), 12% (mk2)

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -73dB (mk1), -78dB (mk2)

Tonearm: universal static balance type

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Effective mass: 12g (mk2)

Dimensions: 125 x 453 x 369mm (mk1), 149 x 453 x 399mm (mk2)

Weight: 8.5kg (mk1), 10kg (mk2)


advert (1978)  English - j_loop

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  Francais

M/MC service manual  English - benjamin263

mkII brochure  English

mkII brochure (alt scan)  English - andromeda

mkII instruction/owners manual  English

mkII service manual  English

mkII service manual (M/MC) (alt scan)  English - priitv8

mkII service manual (alt scan)  English - Adagio62

mkII technical bulletin  English - Japi Roelofs

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SL-1600 vs SL-1300

I am new to this site and fairly new to the world of Vinyl as well.

I have a Technics SL-BD10, but am looking to upgrade to either the SL-1300 or the SL-1600.
Could anyone offer some advice as to what the differences are and what would be a better direct drive table?

Adjust suspension springs on the SL-1600

This is NOT the MkII model, and does not look like the picture above. Mine has the cool dial knobs with no black control bar across the front. My platter is not level with the base, and by the time I level my platter, the base and feet have to be shimmed too much. So I'd like to adjust the springs. I don't have the service manual, but assume that I need a deep well socket around 7mm or less.

From the cutaway in the MK 1

From the cutaway in the MK 1 Owners Manual, the double isolation feature appears the same as that of the MK II, meaning the feet and spring arrangement are probably the same. You can use the MK II Service manual to get the feet off, remove the top and get to the springs for adjustment.
Another thing to look for especially after getting into the Mk II I'm presently trying to revive is the fact that the PO may have loosened screws on the bottom of the TT that don't have anything to do with removing the top / plinth. In doing so, some of these are actually keyed stand-offs that are used to mount pcbs, txs, tonearm supports, etc... which may have thrown off platter mounting / level. I found this to be the case with the 2 of 3 tonearm standoffs which were loosened and couldn't be tightened and thought were stripped. From the topside, the standoffs were not keyed after being loosened and consequently rode ABOVE the keyed indents and cocked the tonearm sightly upwards and not allowing the tonearm full suspension travel.
Good luck.


Could any one tell me what would cause the tone arm to make it's maximum swing toward the spindle, then drop
onto the record label. Not too good for the stylus !

i need to know what needle

i need to know what needle no. can i use with this Technics SL-1600.What brand name are there in market.

neoprene belt

does anyone know the size of the belt that drives the arm mechanism? I have found the part no: SFGB172-51.

Kind regards.

SL-1600Mk2 & SL1700Mk2 Belt

Hi, I have used EVG round belts (Distributor;, part #1407-52 (IC 4.08" and 1/16" or .0.070 dia.) Available at Electronics Plus (414-457-1748), but they overcharge at $7.50 per belt. Option is Consolidated Electronics ( They are unbranded at $0.75 each, Part# 3.00RM4.0 = 0.07 dia x 4.0" or the Part #3.00RM4.3 = 0.07"dia. x 4.3".
I have heard that some go to Home Depot and but a 4" x 1/16" O-Ring. You may find a parts store that sells EVG belts cheaper, but I have been satisfied with those sold by Consolidated.

perfect information

This is perfect. Now I can get the cuing and Start/Stop functions to work again.
This is a great site :)

Need service manual for oil

Need service manual for oil damped cueing

Cueing device

I have had the SL-1600

I have had the SL-1600 turntable for maybe 30 years! It failed some months ago, will not rotate platter. With the aid of circuit diagram I should be able to find faulty component(s). The discrete devices should be no problem, but the ICs may no longer be available - here's hoping.

Thanks!! I just bought this

Thanks!! I just bought this in a flea market (in Mexico a "tianguis") and want to know all about it and to give some proper care and maintenance.


Finding the manuals for this has been great. Thank you!

Thank you :)

I bought this turntable secound hand and it never had a book with it, this will help me to find parts for it such as rubber band etc :)

cheers very much :)

Kind reagrds Graham :)

Rubber band? It needs no

Rubber band? It needs no 'rubber band', it's a direct drive turntable :D

Hi It needs a rubber band

Hi It needs a rubber band (actually a neoprene one) to drive the tone arm mechanism.

Neoprene band

I just dug out my 1600MK2 after many years in the original box. My band was also broken as it just deteriorated while in storage. I used a simple rubber band and it is working just the way it did all those years ago when I bought it brand new. This is a great turntable.