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Technics SL-1500

Direct-Drive Turntable (1975-1978)

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mkI Servo control, mkII Quartz locked, also available without tonearm as the SL-150mkII

technics sl-1500 top
technics sl-1500 mk2 turntable
technics sl-1500 mk2 cross section
technics sl-1500 mk2 tonearm
technics sl-1500 mk2 top
Technics SL-1500


The Technics SL-1500 comprises of an ingenious reworking of physical geometry in the basic direct-drive design concept which has greatly simplified mechanical construction without any sacrifice in performance specifications.

The result is a turntable that retains full DD performance capability, concentrates it in a sleekly styled, low silhouette compact and makes it available at an affordable price.

We think of it as the direct-drive turntable for people who can't afford direct-drive.

In earlier Technics configurations, the platter rested in the motor.

In the SL-1500, the rotor is integrated directly into the platter and together they form the only moving part in this ingeniously uncomplicated system.

Greater precision and simpler construction are simultaneously achieved internally.

Additionally, the motor rotor is countersunk into the handsome aluminium diecast baseplate and control panel surface to create a good-looking, low profile effect.


Type: manual turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: ultra low speed brushless DC motor

Control type: servo control (mk1), quartz locked (mk2)

Platter: 330mm, 2.5kg, aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 10% (mk1), 20% (mk2)

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS (mk1), 0.025% WRMS (mk2)

Rumble: -70dB (mk1), -73dB (mk2)

Tonearm: universal, s-shaped, tubular

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 21.5 degrees

Dimensions: 139 x 366 x 453mm (mk1), 145 x 384 x 453mm (mk2)

Weight: 7.8kg (mk1), 11.5kg (mk2)


brochure  English

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais Nederlands Svenska - Baskerville

service manual  English

service supplement (SD7710-418-2)  English

mkII brochure  English

mkII instruction/owners manual  English - sdar120

mkII service manual  English

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Hello friends, I am from Brazil and I am almost buying a SL1500. I dont understand very much about turntables then I would appreciate if you can help me. This model is a good TT?thanks

feedback problem

I have a feedback constantly coming from my turntable. It pretty much defeats the purpose of listening to it because it is so obnoxious. I checked to make sure that it wasn't my speakers or my receiver. the noise is being produced somewhere from the turntable. any ideas?


As you say it's there all the time my first thoughts would be a missing/broken ground wire causing hum?


Tone arm woes.

Mine works great except the black lever on the tone arm doesn't seem to raise or lower the tone arm let alone mute anything the way it should. The anti skate feature also seems busted. How do i fix these issues? I had it apart once and It looked like there was a broken plastic piece. Are parts for these made of unobtanium?

Can't get mine to work

I am trying to fix one of these SL-1500 mkII for a friend of mine and I cannot get the arm to functioin properly. when pushing START the table starts and is at the correct speed but the arm does not move, and if I pick it up it has too much resistance to play manually, can anyone out there help me?

1500 mk 2

hi Russel.. the 1500MK 2 is not automatic TT.
often all series 1300mk2 (fully automatic) 1400mk2(semiautomatic) and 1500mk2(manual) and the black versions (1310 1410 1510 mk2) had arm lift problems.
show better what model is :)

Technics SL1500

Thank you very much for this web site. Just bought a new Yamaha Audio/Video receiver which has two switched outlets with 100w max output. I wanted to check to see what the power consumption was on my turntable and wasn't sure were to go, until I found you web site.


Downloaded the manual the other day and used it to fix mine.
It had been in the loft for many years unused because of kids/space etc.
The speed was not stable and it would not start sometimes. Traced the problem to the speed micro switch.
This was virtual open cct due to contact aging. I cleened the contacts and it works properly.
I had to take the switch apart very carfully in case in case I lost any of the contacts.
Got to get my Quad 33/303 connected to my HiFi Answers tranmission lines now.


Same here!

We have just got out our grandad's old deck which has been "broken" for years. Diagnosed and came to the same conclusion re the speed selector switch. Took the switch apart, cleaned contacts and it's now working perfectly!

Sounds fantastic.

Next job is to restore the thorens td 160 it is replacing.


Technics 1500

Hi, My 1500 has a speed problem too. It wont be at the same speed for 2 records in a row.
How do you take it apart to clean the switch?? Thanks John

SL-1500 speed issue


I have the same issue as you had, speed not consistent, did you break the micro switch open? sorry to ask a numbty Q but I have just recently bought & don't want to mess it up.

I will post the same Q to Grognut



SL-1500 Speed issue

I had same problem . I figured nothing to lose by removing the three way speed selector knob from top and spraying a little deoxit into the space near the splined shaft . Worked the knob a few times , fired it up , problem fixed . I know I may have to eventualy open up the deck but as someone with limited experience it was worth a shot . Thanks for the great site and good advice !


I have 2 SL-1500's for sale, the unfortunate thing is I haven't a clue what a fair price is. Does anyone know what a fair price range should be? The tables are in good condition. Thanks in advance!

manuals sl1500mk2

Many many thanks for the manuals ! My tt just broke down and i needed the documents.


Thanks for all the docs' maybe I can return the favor some day.


Back on stage and turnin' and turnin'

After many years my SL-151Mk2/SME3009/Audio-Technica ART1 stopped turning - :-(. Thanks the 1500Mk2 manual posted here (same electronics) I could localize the defect - electrolytics in one branch of the power supply.

Hurray to the friendly guy who posted it!

Technics SL-1500MKII

Many thanks for having the Technics SL-1500MKII maintenance/repair manual online. On my turntable, I had lost one of the output leads, and needed to access the connections. I also have a Dual turntable(non-functional). When I attempted to work on the Technics, I was overwhelmed by the complexity compared to the Dual (a genuine WYSISWYG device), and was very reluctant to get into it. I had also been cautioned about opening the system up. I am now going to track down the fault, thanks to you.

Your Repair Manual has saved me a great deal of trauma about repairing the Technics SL-1500MKII unit.

I am in rural Thailand, and although the electronics pros here can solve almost anything, they are not that familiar with turntables, since it is a technology they have skipped over.

More later if I cannot solve the problem.

Thanks for being there.

Robert Stem

sl 1500

Thanks very much for the service manual.
I'm now able to have a close look at the problems of my turntable.
Any suggestions are much appreciated.
The problem is : most of the time it won't start on 33, on 45 it never starts. The light of the strobe is working 'tough.


I just have a very big question on phonographs or turntables. I am a young adult born in 1986. I'm interested with music and I love music a lot. Sad to say, I can't sing. haha. Anyway, I got this SL-1500 of my grandma's sister who died last 2006. The light at the left will turn on when I turn the speed at the right.

I don't know how to make it work or something as it is foreign for me. hehe.. Maybe you can help me out.. In her room, there are loads of vinyl discs that I have ever seen. I'd like to listen to them all. Using the SL-1500. Are you going to help me?hehe

I don't know if I can find somebody here who can help me with this in this modern times. I hope I could find help here in this small city.


Technics SL-1500MKII

Fantastic my old equipment back to life

Thank you very much