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Technics SL-1310

Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

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technics sl-1310 direct drive turntable
Technics SL-1310


The Technics SL-1310 offers every degree of automation including auto-cueing, auto-cut, auto-return, auto-disc size selection and memo repeat.

It can be set to take care of itself or operated manually with professional precision.

Either way it offers the ultimate in operational simplicity and playing convenience.


Type: fully-automatic turntable

Drive method: direct drive

Motor: ultra low speed brushless DC motor

Control type: servo control (mk1), quartz locked (mk2)

Platter: 330mm, 2.5kg, aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: 10% (mk1), 20% (mk2)

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS (mk1), 0.025% WRMS (mk2)

Rumble: -70dB (mk1), -73dB (mk2)

Tonearm: gimbal suspension, universal, s-shaped, tubular

Effective length: 230mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 21.5 degrees

Weight: 20.7 lb (mk1), 11.8kg (mk2)


brochure  English - bamacoo

service supplement (SD7710-418-2)  English

mk2 brochure  English - jalal1926

mkII flyer  Francais

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Where can I find a manual for Technics SL1310 MK2

Where can I find an owners manual and service manual (in English) for Technics SL1310 MK2 Turntable?


Technics manuals

Hello Hugh, I too am looking for manuals for the same deck (uk model) i found a couple of places that say they have these manuals
I've got so many bookmarks can't find the other link at the moment! (also US site)
Good luck, there is some info in the library now, added recently i think.

Manual for the SL1310

Hi Hugh,

I have a sl-1310, and I have read on the web that it is the same as the sl-1300, except for the colour. And there is a lot of material about the sl-1300 on