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Technics SL-1100

Direct-Drive Turntable (1975-1977)

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fitted with EPA-110 tonearm, or available with no tonearm as the SL-110

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Technics SL-1100


The SL-1100 turntable provides that incomparable professional Technics quality in a reasonably priced package.

The heart of this outstanding direct drive turntable is its DC brushless motor which drives the platter directly to eliminate belts, pulleys and idlers.

This simple design means fewer moving parts to wear out and greater long term reliability.

The motor of the SL1100 is controlled electronically by a DC servo which provides highly accurate rotation completely unaffected by power line frequency and voltage variations.

And due to its high torque, speed remains the same even during changes of external drag.

This combination produces wow and flutter of just 0.03% WRMS and rumble of better than -70dB.

The SL-1100AC variant is identical but features an illuminated stroboscope.


Type: direct drive player system

Platter: 350mm, 2kg, aluminium die-cast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Motor: 20 poles (rotor), 15 poles (stator) ultra low speed DC motor

Speed change method: electronic

Variable speed control: 10% range

Wow and flutter: 0.03% WRMS

Rumble: -70dB

Tonearm: EPA-110 static balance type

Effective length: 235mm

Overhang: 14mm

Stylus pressure: 0 to 5g

Dimensions: 510 x 390 x 195mm

Weight: 13.0kg


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AC brochure  English

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How about the MKII Technics turntable SL1100MKII No info on that one?


My dad (RIP sice 1993) got a Panasonic SL 1100,#00049! in october 1970.(I was eleven yrs.old)The guy had connections, as the sales manager of the island's top Chevrolet commercial vehicles dealership. The turntable was not intended for sale,Dad explained, but as a long-term test workhose for a radio broadcaster, prior to its launch under the forthcoming Technics brand...and the Panasonic dealer was a Chevy client and fellow melomaniac. A year or so later the guy produced the strobe light, to be installed in the bin for the machined aluminum 45rpm adaptor,by peelig out the felt bottom, revealing the two-pronged socket and pushing the lamp in
As pro decks, two were intended to be installed semi-ensconced,with the lower borders of the main casting almost flush to the surface of the disk jockey's control desk, but with the weight supported by the four feet on a sub platform hidden beneath the top's cut-out.That's the way I have it now, much better than with the optional wood base offered in the 70's for home use.In addition,after so many years of almost daily use, the top became quite blemished and even showed some surface corrosion, so a couple years ago I dismantled the thing, sanded the main cast to the bare aluminum and painted it in PIANO WHITE lacquer(Corvette yellow and Ferrari red were considered).Imagine the contrast with the alum and black renders an absolutely stunnig, beautiful machine, a source of pride and joy.The control markings are gone,of course,unneeded after 40+yrs.Crowned it with a custom made 1/8"thick-clear/aclyric unhinged cover.
But now,trouble,the speed control is going kaput, wowing occasionally, so thanks to our dear friends at vinylengine, the culprit has been Id'd: The Printed Wiring Base Assy.#SFPD110A. Anybody out there who can help me save my dear old friend? Please contact me and in Puerto Rico mi casa es tu casa.


I've has two of these over the years, and love them. Each time they have had the benefit of a Dynavector arm and a good MC cartridge, but the turntable itself pleases me no end by the look and feel of it as well as the unflappable, stable spin it provides.