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Technics SL-10

Quartz Controlled Direct-Drive Fully-Automatic Turntable System (1980-1984)

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with linear tracking tonearm

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Technics SL-10


With the SL-10, Technics continues to lead the industry in turntable innovation.

The new turntable represents as radical a departure from conventional design as did the SP-10 ten years ago.

It has the same width and depth dimensions as an LP record jacket, yet within the compact package are an amazingly precise drive system.

A gimbal suspended linear tracking tonearm, a high grade moving coil cartridge, plus extensive control systems which permit even a complete novice to use the SL-10 without any problem.


Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Speed accuracy: within +-0.002%

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Rumble: -78dB

Tonearm type: Dynamic balanced linear tracking gimbal suspension

Effective length: 105mm

Cartridge type: EPC-310MC moving coil stereo

Frequency response: 10 to 60,000Hz

Dimensions: 315 x 88 x 315mm

Weight: 6.5kg


The Technics SL-10 is an extraordinarily compact and ingenious integrated player of superb external appearance - £300 HiFI Choice 1983


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Out of the mothballs and ....

Thanks for the forum gents. My SL-10 has been around since about day 1. Babied, kept out of dust. Once in a while I used it, but not much till today I set up a remastering setup. It seemed it was going to be okay, then started automatically stopping and resetting the arm. After joining up, reading and downloading the service manual (I still have the original owner's manual), I decided to go simple, two drops of silicone on the guide rail. Wiped it clean, added 1 1/2 more drops along it and voila - off and running like a charm. I love this turntable. My first remasterd LP from the 80's went smooth and turned out great. Thanks for the forum. Ron

Visit the Technics forum and

Visit the Technics forum and search SL-10 and SL-7 for troubleshooting tips.
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My moms old Technics SL - 10

I just picked up my mothers old SL - 10.
It appears to be in very good shape, even tho it's quite old.
When i put in an album and press the start, the turning table starts playing like it should. The thing is that after ~10-20 seconds of playing it start "looping" (I don't know what its called but it repeats 2 seconds of music over and over again).
I also discovered that the tonearm doesn't really move, and I cant Forward when I press the "cueing" button and press and hold "Start". that should move the tonearm inwards but it doesn't move at all :/

Does anyone have any solutions?


I am having the exact same issue as you so if you get an answer let me know. I believe we need to take the top plastic cover off of the tone arm and clean and grease it. I cannot get the cover off, have no idea why. I took out all the screws but it won't come off. If i hear anything i will let you know.

SL-10 Maintenance

The lubricant on the rod that guides the tonearm has probably dried up. You need to clean and re-lubricate.

To clean where the tonearm is initially positioned, place a record on the turntable and press button to position the tonearm at a later spot and hit the power button. The tonearm will not move and you can now get to the rest of the rod to clean it.