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Technics Phono Pickup Systems


Technics cartridges are studded with original technology such as the pure boron pipe cantilever found in our top model, the EPC-100Cmk3.

Tapered for mass reduction it achieves the ultra low mass you need for flat, extended frequency response into the highest range.

Technics also developed the plug-in connector also known as the P-mount.

Physically, mechanically and electrically it creates the perfect interface between cartridge and arm with correct weight and mass distribution and optimum tracking force.

Finally, our upper grade cartridges are manufactured with HPF (hot pressed ferrite) core material which is machined and mirror finished to the strictest of tolerances to exhibit minimal high frequency loss.

Via a different technology, the same effect is also achieved in the all laminated core used in many other Technics cartridges.


1978 catalogue  English Deutsch Francais

1978 catalogue (alt scan)  English Deutsch Francais - silverpioneer

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