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Technics EPA 100

Variable Dynamic Damping Universal Tonearm

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Technics EPA 100


The EPA-100 tonearm represents several significant advances in tonearm technology.

A variable dynamic damping system which permits the user to tune the arm for compatibility with virtually any cartridge now available.

An extremely stable 4-point Gimbal suspension employing ruby ball bearings which maintain static friction at 5mg or less for movement in any direction.

A titanium nitride shaft which is light and also resistant to flexing and resonances.

These elements all contribute to one end, keeping the stylus in optimum contact with the record grooves.

Although this many seem elementary, the ability of the EPA100 to perform this function in a high grade sound system can make a noticeable difference in the clarity and openness of the resulting sound.

To those who associate state of the art tonearms with very low mass, we point out that the damping system makes arm mass non critical no matter what the compliance of the cartridge.

Even the inertial effect of the arms mass becomes insignificant due to its overall design.

For the sceptical we say listen to the EPA-100 with a cartridge of your choice.

Fitted as standard to the Technics SL1000 mkII Turntable.


Type: variable dynamic damping

Suspension: gimbal type with 20 precision ruby ball bearings

Arm pipe: titanium nitride

Effective length: 250mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset angle: 21 degrees

Friction: 5mg vertical/lateral

Adjustable tracking force: 0 to 3g

Headshell weight: 9.5g

Cartridge weight range: 5 to 10g


The Technics EPA-100 is a true state of the art tonearm.


brochure  English

instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template  English - bogle111

service manual  English

mk2 service manual  English

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Please can anybody help me with a TEMPLATE for TECHNICS SP-10MKIII/EPA100MKII arm.
I am using a SUMIKO MMT headshell.
Could anybody tell me the distance from the back of the headshell to the stylus tip.


Headshell measure

52 mm using technics 15mm overhang gage