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Tannoy Vari-Twin

Stereo Phono Cartridge with Diamond Stylus

Tannoy Vari-Twin


From the Tannoy laboratories comes the new Vari-Twin, a stereo cartridge of superb performance.

Designed with a low dynamic mass, it has definitive channel separation, a tracking pressure of 3 to 4 grammes, excellent frequency response, protection against hum pick-up and an output of 7mV per channel.

The cartridge is a variable reluctance unit having moving parts with a very low dynamic mass.

It takes the form of a plastic moulding, fully enclosing the generating systems, encased in a Mu-metal shield as a safeguard against hum pick-up from adjacent motors or transformers.

The compliance of the stylus assembly is symmetrical in two planes of motion with the result that record wear is reduced to the minimum, while forward/backward compliance is very low.

The stylus assembly may be easily changed, without returning the unit.

The Vari-Twin cartridge may be mounted in any standard head having 1/2" fixing, but it is stressed that due to the low tracking pressure involved, the mechanical construction of the arm chosen must be of the highest standard.

Here indeed is a device contributing a decisive step forward in stereo cartridges.


Frequency response: 30 to 15,000Hz

Output: 7mV per channel

Termination: 50K minimum, 100K recommended

Inductance: 350mH

Termination capacitance: 150pF

Stylus material: diamond

Stylus dimension: 0.0005" (stereo only), 0.00075 (compatible)

Tracking pressure: 4g

Mounting: standard 1/2"


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