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Systemdek IV electronic

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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Systemdek IV electronic


For a considerable development period the sonic output of Systemdek turntables has been constantly upgraded resulting in the introduction of the new Systemdek IV electronic turntable.

While the general styling of earlier Systemdeks has been retained the plinth is now engineered from hardwood and medium density fibreboard.

A new composite construction platter of mazak alloy and vinyl combined with a simplified clamping system locates the disc in the optimised retrieval conditions.

The sub-chassis is of low resonance and rigid construction to match the high-mass playing system and adjustments to the sub-chassis are made at the three suspension points located outside the perimeter of the platter.

Users will appreciate how easy it is to optimise setup conditions and accommodate the widest possible choice of tonearms.

Selection of 33 or 45rpm is made through electronic control of the motor speed, the sensitised crystal power source ensuring that the motor is fed a constant supply, thereby avoiding the usual power irregularities.

The motor is located in an improved anti-vibration assembly and will now operate on most world power supplies.


Motor: 24-pole precision high torque synchronous

Speed options: 33 and 45rpm

Speed selection: electronic

Speed drift: 0.13%

Drive system: precision flat rubber belt

Playing system: 3-point suspended sub-chassis

Platter: 4.89kg composite construction

Disc location support: disc clamping system

Start up time: 3-4 seconds

Wow and flutter: 0.06%

Rumble: -78dB

Hum level: 72dB

Dimensions: 490 x 390 x 150mm

Weight: 12.73kg


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