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Systemdek IIX

2-Speed Belt-Drive Suspended Turntable

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Systemdek IIX


The Systemdek IIX features a 3-point sprung chassis and AC synchronous motor.

The sub-chassis is formed from a heavy steel plate, reinforced by an aluminium extrusion.

Original models had 'oil pump' type main bearings and teardrop shaped mdf arm boards, later variants having oblong arm boards in aluminium, and plain main bearings.

The Standard platter on the IIX was glass, with an acrylic version (as used on the 2X2) available as an upgrade.

IIX - manual speed change

IIX electronic - internal electronic speed control

IIXE - offboard electronic speed control

IIX/900 - metal armboard

IIX/900AP - metal armboard / acrylic platter


Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 24 pole precision synchronous high torque motor mounted on an anti-vibration assembly

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm (manual change)

Drive system: precision ground flat rubber belt

Platter: Glass 1.73kg, 10mm thick

Record mat: high density lambs wool

Speed drift: nil

Variation under load: 0.15%

Wow and flutter: 0.09% DIN

Rumble: 78/77 dB DIN weighted

Dimensions: 475 x 375 x 200mm

Weight: 10kg


The Systemdek IIX surpasses any similarly priced rival and indeed, several more expensive models - What HiFi

Fine results were obtained on audition. Stereo images were well focused, while good depth and midrange detail were evident. The bass was notable for it's clean, even quality, showing good attack and tunefulness - HiFi Choice 1984


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systemdek IIX

I am looking for information, specifications and values for the electronic controller to the motor of my Systemdek IIX turntable. Can anyone help?

Systemdek IIXe PCB Values

Hi - What do you want to know ?
The TTD3 board used in the IIXe was always a problem, due to the zenner divider resistor being a tiny bit too small for the 400Ma required by the electronics. I am guessing here, but I would expect the reason you are requesting information is that this resistor has burnt out and you are not sure as to its value ?
If you can let me know if the zenner in that part of the circuit is the 12V or the 10V (both were used!), and the country that you are using it in (110V, 220V or 240V). I will calculate the value and power of the resistor for you. I would also strongly recommend that you replace the Zenner too.
If the fault is in the output driver pair, then TIP50's will probably do, but any NPN with a Vce better than 400V will be fine - These just switch rectified mains at 50Hz or 68Hz according to the switch position, but do check the two diodes at the base and emiter of the final transistor, as a fault in the final stage will have almost certainly destroyed these.
If your fault is in the 50/65Hz generating cct, then you will never find the parts to fix it, as the M706Bi is long obsolete and pretty much impossible to source.
I will try to CAD up a schematic for the board, as I have my own copy scribbled out on paper and you are probably not the only person trying to fix one.


Where's the best place to find needles for the IIX? I just came across one that probably hasn't been played in years....I want to get her up and running, but I don't thinks the needle works.....

Lid needed

Anyone got a lid for a Systemdek IIX they'd like to sell me? Private Message please!

Systemdek IIX

Just bought one that needs a new lid. Any ideas where I can get one?

lid systemdek

I have 2 systemdeks. One is a not working so I have a spare lid at the mo.

lid systemdek

Good Afternoon,

I'm sure it's probably been spoken for, but if you still have that spare lid and are interested in selling it, I would lie to buy it?

Let me know,


Turtable lid

I have just purchased a SystemdekllX without a lid if you still have an extra I would like to purchase it. Please reply to Ed
Thank you

Systemdek IIX

I just attempted to use my Systemdek IIX after many years and it won't turn on. Does it have a manual turntable? How should it work. I'm a real novice.
Thanks for any help.

Systedek IIX wont turn on

I have the same problem, what did you find out? Than ks for your help

Check the belt... Might have

Check the belt... Might have slipped off over the years...