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Systemdek II

2-Speed Sprung Chassis Turntable

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Systemdek II


The Systemdek II borrows many of the design features from the III.

This completely new concept in budget turntables provides an unsurpassed opportunity for audiophiles to experience the immense benefits that a properly engineered signal source will provide.

The outstanding Systemdek record clamp is available in a lightweight version to suit the suspension without upsetting the balance.

Finished in silver and black.

model II with glass platter £115 (1983)

model IIS with 4.75kg concave cast-alloy platter £220 (1984)


Motor: 24 pole precision synchronous high torque motor mounted on an anti-vibration assembly

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm (manual change)

Drive system: precision ground flat rubber belt

Platter: 10mm thick, 1.73kg, glass

Record mat: high density lambs wool

Speed drift: nil

Variation under load: 0.15%

Wow and flutter: 0.09%

Rumble: 78/77 dB DIN weighted

Dimensions: 425 x 302 x 112mm

Weight: 4.79kg


The sound was solid and well contained, with a crisp open mid-band. Pitch stability was very good, and the Systemdek II exploited the dynamics and transient attack that are present in the programme - HiFi Choice 1984


brochure  English

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual (alt scan)  English - Jason Hamm

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