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In Japan, the name Supex represents the finest in record care products and phono cartridge technology. They have devoted many years of research to the problems of recovering, with a minimum of distortion and noise, all the sound present on the record.


Flawless record reproduction requires not only the finest in cartridges, electronics and speakers, but both a scrupulously clean stylus and dirt free records. Supex research has developed a complete line of record care products, that, when used in conjunction with our cartridges and transformers, forms a complete system which will provide the ultimate in noise-free, distortionless record reproduction. It is a well known fact that the life span of both styli and records is considerably shortened by the accumulation of dirt. Also as time goes on, your record collection will represent your largest single investment in quality sound.


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Suiko Denpa Company Limited, Nikko Mita building, No.4-26, Takanawa, 1-chome Minato-ku, Tokyo 108, Japan

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