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Sumiko Premier MMT

Stereo S-Shaped Tonearm

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Sumiko Premier MMT


The Premier MMT is an S-shaped tonearm manufactured for Sumiko by Jelco in Japan.

The arm features a removable headshell and can be used with or without fluid damping.


Overall length: 305mm

Effective length: 239mm

Overhang: 17.3mm

Offset angle: 23.1 degrees

Mounting distance: 221.7mm

Maximum backswing: 64mm

Cartridge weight range: standard up to 8g, extra weight 8-14g


instruction/owners manual  English

template (not to scale)  English

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Effective Mass

H. Uchida from Jelco sent the following answers:

> Thank you for your inquiry for MMT tonearm.
> 1) Fluid damping is using 500 cP silicone oil.
> 2) Effective mass is 20 g.

Due to the mass figure the choice of cartridges is greatly reduced to a compliance of around 10 to 12. The fluid damping (500 cP is equivalent to ca. 506 cst or ca. 40 wt) allows for even stiffer carts.

Premier MTT Grado

I have Premier MMT on a rega planar 3.

I have the in most expensive Grado BLACK cartridge Are they compatible?

How do convert dynes / to cu's?

What are cu's ? What are the units.


Premier MTT Grado

Hello, do you have maybe the auxiliary counterweight (in a form of ring) for MMT arm.If you have it, could you give me the dimensions and weight of it. Thanks Adalbertuss