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Sumiko Premier FT-3

Stereo Gimbal Bearing Tonearm

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sumiko ft3 armrest
sumiko ft3 back view
sumiko ft3 headshell
sumiko ft3 rightside
sumiko ft3 top view
Sumiko Premier FT-3


The Sumiko Premier FT-3 is a Japanese made straight tonearm with variable fluid damping.


Overall length: 305mm

Effective length: 239mm

Overhang: 17.3mm

Offset angle: 23 degrees

Mounting distance: 221.7mm

Maximum backswing: 64mm

Cartridge weight range: standard up to 8g, extra weight 8-14g


instruction/owners manual  English

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An excellent mid-level tonearm and works really well on the HW19. Its easy to adjust a plethora of different things; VTA, azimuth, anti skating, and VTF. I like the fact that it is fluid damped and the damping level is also adjustable. If you take your time, you can set up the tonearm and cartridge more precisely than on many other arms. The resultant sound quality is superb.

Good arm, better than it's

Good arm, better than it's peers at it original price point. Balances nicely with many low compliance carts. Deep bass, clean highs, good dynamics and detail. Good image and soundstage. No particular problems. Easy set-up, VTA adjustment is a bit difficult, but manageable, anti-skate reliable and easy to set-up. As good as it gets in a mid-line arm. Does not establish the final word in detail or microdynamics, but this weakness is not a distraction. It does not compete with the megabuck arms, but does better the low and mid-level Linn arms. Works nicely in a VPI HW-19 or solid-mount table.