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Sony's achievements in every aspect of audio and video reproduction are legendary.

The company's success in these fields is no accident, nor is it recent. It arises from three sources: First, the vast Sony research and engineering facilities, among the most sophisticated in the world. Second, the application of 'total-system technology in the design of every product. Third, a commitment to translating this approach into advanced instruments for the home - at a cost within the reach of the user.

Sonys six new direct-drive turntables are outstanding expressions of Sony leadership. Even the least expensive models. the semi-automatic PS-T22 and the fully automatic PS-T33, boast the direct-drive system. At their heart is Sony's remarkable brushless-slotless (BSL) motor. The BSL design eliminates the motor cogging inherent in most direct-drive systems. The result is smooth, even rotation. This rotation is monitored with exquisite precision by Magnedisc servo control. Magnedisc senses the slightest variations in turntable speed - and corrects these variations before they can affect the sound.

Sonys more expensive models take this system one step further. They compare the Magnedisc readings with a stable reference frequency, generated by a quartz crystal. These are Sony's quartz X-tal Lock turntables: the fully automatic PS-X45, X55, X65 and X75. These Sony models incorporate outstanding drive systems - with wow and flutter below an amazing 0.025% on even the modestly-priced PS-T22.

Sony's comprehensive research has uncovered new ways to improve sound quality, cartridge compatibility and operating convenience. These studies have led to the development of new, low-mass tonearms; smooth, silent tonearm automation; and special non-resonant cabinets.

Each of these Sony turntables boasts a cabinet made of Sony Bulk Molding Compound (SBMC), This specially developed, non-resonant material absorbs the air-borne low-frequency sounds that can often generate acoustic feedback and 'howling'.

Sony new tonearms accept the widest range of cartridges, including the very latest, high-compliance types. Sony's straight tonearms - incorporated on the PS-T22, T33, X45, and X55 feature smooth bearings and exceptionally low mass. With these Sony turntables, you can take full advantage of modern, light-tracking cartridges.

Specifications for the Sony PS-T22, PS-T33, PS-X45, PS-X55, PS-X65 and PS-X75 Direct-Drive Turntables.


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