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Sony PS-X70

Fully-Automatic Turntable (1978-1979)

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Sony PS-X70


The Sony PS-X70 is a 2-Speed, fully automatic direct drive turntable fitted with a PUA-7 J-shaped tonearm.

Features include pitch control, quick-stop electromagnetic braking, adjustable VTA, logic IC controlled function sequencing and servo-controlled tonearm motor.


Platter: 320mm aluminium alloy die-cast

Motor: DC servo controlled linear BSL motor

Drive system: direct drive with crystal lock system

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: +-10%

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 75dB

Tonearm: universal static balance

Effective length: 235mm

Overhang: 14mm

Tracking force adjustment: 0 to 2.5g

Dimensions: 480 x 165 x 420mm

Weight: 13kg


instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  Nihongo - fujikonyan

schematics  English

service manual  English

service manual (preliminary)  English - nickocaudieus

service manual (alt scan)  English - nickocaudieus

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Sony PS-X70

Sony PS-X70 Owner manual needed

PS-X70 Owners manual

I'm looking for one too!

Sony PS-X70 Owners manual- (Manual operation & faults)

I am looking for a Sony PS-X70 Owners manual just for collector sake.
As my TT is working ok here are a few hints that may help ..

Basically these are studio turntables to be used a lot . If you have them sitting around for 12mths of more like i did then the Manual or Auto lift , start don not work or are slow . I have found that a spray of WD40 or oil on the arm lift /lower shaft helps to free it up after several orpertions .
This appears to effect a lot of functions. including the auto return. Mechanically helping the Lift lower with you hand after spraying .All this should be done with the start/stop led light "ON" only all other lights "OFF"

Hint , I use the TT in manual mode only start/stop led light "ON" only in this mode the arm auto locates the beginng of the record and auto lifts at the end and should return to the arm support.

Be patient this can be slow .

PS-X70 manual

I have figured out how to work it manually (no pun intended), but the auto functions are rather idiosyncratic, working sometimes, not others.
Great sounding heavy duty machine.