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Sony PS-LX56

Stereo Turntable System

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Sony PS-LX56


The Sony PS-LX56 is a 2-speed, belt driven turntable with DC servo motor and dynamically balanced tonearm.


Drive system: belt drive

Motor: DC servo motor

Platter: 300mm

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.2%

Signal to noise ratio: 60dB

Automatic system: return, reject

Tonearm: dynamic balance type

Effective length: 203mm

Cartridge: moving magnet

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000Hz

Stylus: 0.6 mil diamond

Replacement stylus: CN-234

Dimensions: 355 x 94 x 345mm

Weight: 2.5kg


56/56P service manual (imp scan)  English - Ivy Caudieus

56/56P service manual  English

56/56P service supplement 1  English - Ivy Caudieus

56/56P service correction 1  English - Ivy Caudieus

instruction/owners manual  English - Jeepo65

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Sony Belt Drive Turntables

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New to Turntables

Hi, I got this at a yard sale by itself. And I have no idea how to operate it! Do I need to buy speakers for it? I also see talk of pre-amps and receivers and don't really know what they are or how to go about getting them. Can somebody please clue me in? Thanks :)

Low output

Forgive me if this is a question with an obvious answer, but I bought one of these at a yard sale and it's my first turntable. I've tried playing it through my receiver which doesn't have a specific phono input and I can barely hear it - do record players need to use a phono input with a pre amp or something?


Plugging into desktop speakers

Hi there, I have this player which I want to connect to my laptop / ipod speakers.

They are logitech speakers and sub which has built in amplifier of 32 wtts rms.

How come when I plug my Sony PS LX56 in, there is hardly any volume?

When my ipod would be blasting at full volume the record player is only loud enough for soft background music.

Do I need to add another amplifier before it goes into the speaker system? PLease help.

Many thanks in advance.

phono preamp

Hi, like most turntables, the signal from the PS-LX56 comes straight from the cartridge so you will need an RIAA phono pre-amp to equalise the signal and increase gain to line level.

Sony PS LX-56

Hi guys just wanna ask you about the Sony Turntable PS LX-56. I have one and the volume output is very low hardly can't hear them. What's wrong with it ? if any of you know how to fix it please let me know .. THx a lot

Sony PS-LX56 Turntable rotation speed

Hi there
I'm wondering if anyone out there who owns this model turntable knows how to adjust the rotation speed? Mine is revving to fast (approx. 35rpm!). There are adjustment holes in the underside of the turntable but not actual knobs etc fitted to them and I'm not sure what tool you use to adjust them?
Let me know If you can help.
Many thanks

Re: rotation speed

I laid an old record (badly scratched but nice and heavy) inbetween the turntable base and the rubber segment, to give it extra weight, which slows it down considerably.

Use of SONY Sound Forge SW for Vinyl to CD Conversion

Sound Forge requires the turntable audio output to be preprocessed by passing it through a pre-amp first. How do I do ONLY that through a receiver-tuner-amp only with speaker outputs? Do I need an amp with Line Outputs?


Tape Loop

If your tape loop output has enough gain you can connect this to the soundcard inputs


Me too!!!

I've got that turntable too, but, tell me something, are you really satisfied with its performance? I would like to know what do you think about this turntable!
Have a nice day...