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Sony PS-LX431

Fully-Automatic Stereo Turntable System (1986-1994)

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Sony PS-LX431


The Sony PS-LX431 is a two-speed belt driven turntable with DC servo motor and dynamically balanced tonearm.


Platter: 300mm aluminium alloy diecast

Motor: DC servo motor

Drive system: belt drive

Control system: DC servo control system

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.045% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB

Automatic system: lead in, return, reject, repeat, record size selection

Suspension system: high elasticity gel insulator

Tonearm: dynamically balanced

Pivot to stylus length: 216.5mm

Overhang: 16.5mm

Dimensions: 430 x 100 x 360mm

Weight: 3.5kg


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431/431N service manual  English

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PS LX 431

I have carefully kept this turntable with me for last 16 years. Until now I was using with SONY Receiver that had 'Phono In' but now have upgraded my system to PIONEER VSX 920 K AV Receiver that does not have 'Phono In resulting in almost nil output even at almost full volume. Does this turntable have switch for 'Line Out' and built in pre amplifier?. Externally I cannot see any switch that gives me an option between 'Phono In' and 'Line Out' like what you have in newer turntables. I do not have the original SONY Manual with me anymore.

Phono Amplifier

If your new receiver doesn't have a MM phono input you'll need an external phono stage to equalise the signal and raise it to line level. The turntable has no on-board amplification.



Just rescued one of these from my university languages dept before it went in the skip! Anyone know anything about it and is it worth keeping to play my 45s on in my office at home through a Denon minisystem + Cambridge phono stage and BW speakers?


Yes it's worth keeping but once you get into vinyl you'll be hooked!
I have owned a lot of turntables over the years and think Sony's are very underrated
You might need a new stylus tho - if it sounds rough or skips a lot (assuming correctly set up of course)