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Sony PS-F9

Compact Stereo Turntable System

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Sony PS-F9


You can take the PS-F9 with you anywhere, since the set is compact and lightweight, and operates on batteries. Its smart, innovative design allows it to be used standing upright, lying down or hanging on a wall.

The PS-F9's built-in headphone amplifier allows two pairs of headphones to be connected directly to the set, while the built-in equalizer amplifier allows the set to be connected directly to an amplifier or a radio cassette recorder.

This turntable system is equipped with a linear tracking tonearm. You do not have to adjust tonearm balance.

The linear torque BSL (brushless and slotless) direct drive servo motor has a high signal-to-noise ratio.

The turntable maintains an accurate and drift-free speed by referring to a frequency generated by a very stable quartz oscillator.

When you select the record size and speed and set the record in the disc holder, automatic record play and stylus up/down are operated by the "feather-touch" function buttons. When the play is finished, the tonearm automatically returns to the rest position.

A muting system activates when the tonearm is lifted and is deactivated after the tonearm lowers onto a record so there is no need to turn the volume down every time the stylus is placed on a record.

A record cleaning brush built under the tonearm cleans the surface of the record while it is playing.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: linear torque BSL (brushless and slotless)

Control system: quartz lock variable reluctance control system

Platter: 91.5 mm strontium-ferrite

Speeds: 33, 45 rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.06% wrms

Signal to noise ratio: 62 dB

Tonearm: dynamic balanced, linear tracking, low mass type

Pivot to stylus length: 37.5 mm

Dimensions: 108 x 263 x 73mm

Weight: 1.7 kg inc batteries

Automatic system: lead-in, return, reject, arm up/down


service manual  English - GuidoK

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