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Ceramic Cartridge Assembly

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Sonotone Velocitone


In a matter of minutes, you can discover for yourself the facts about the Velocitone mark IV ceramic cartridge assembly. You can prove the truth of our claim - no other cartridge, regardless of price, transducer design or manufacturer's specs, will give you more pure music.

Without making a single change in your present preamplifier or amplifier, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a superior ceramic stereo cartridge. The heart of the Velocitone mark IV assembly is the new Sonotone 9TA ceramic cartridge.

It produces two widely separated, inherently flat signals that are free of magnetic hum. These signals pass into the Velocitone equalizers plugged in the magnetic inputs, and are converted to a velocity response precisely tailored for RIAA equalization. Stereo-matched at the Sonotone plant, these equalizers are included in the Velocitone mark IV assembly package.

Soon you'll discover the pure sound of music. You hear every sound - the natural overtones, the solid bass, the silky highs, the individual voices of the orchestra - reproduced life-size through the panoramic perspective of stereo sound. This is the music you have been looking for.

You can listen for hours with no risk of listening fatigue. Even your mono records, regardless of their speed, will sound better than they did with a plain mono cartridge.

While releasing all the music locked in your records, the Sonotone 9TA remains invisible to your ear. The absence of distortion and detectable needle talk is the result of the superb Sonotone design (patented, of course). This design transcribes the contortions of the microgroove into a high fidelity reproduction accurate to one decibel of perfection.


Frequency response: 20 to 17,000Hz

Channel separation: 30dB

Stylus mass: 3mg

Compliance: 15 x 10-6 cm/dyne

Tracking pressure: 1.5 to 3g (professional arms), 3 to 4g (changers)

Recommended load: 1 to 5 megohms

Stylus: 0.7/0.7 mil dual diamond, 3 mil dual sapphire, 0.7/3 mil sapphire/diamond tips


mkIV instruction/owners manual  English - vinylrayk

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