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Silvertone Radio-Phono Disc Recorder


The Silvertone Radio-Phono Disc Recorder affords fundamentally the same features presented in larger recorders, in that it is not only possible to listen with a high degree of satisfaction to radio broadcast programs, but also to make recordings of selected programs that can be played back at any time such entertainment is desired.

In addition to this, the equipment has the ability, through the use of the microphone, to make recordings of various home entertainment activities, such as musical and elocutional renditions, etc.

Furthermore it features a 3 speed recording or playback turntable and a special input jack for connecting an external record changer.

This instrument also affords an excellent and unique means for recording letters and messages which can be mailed.

The unit features a single playback-recording arm with a dual purpose crystal cartridge. This cartridge comes equipped with a special needle containing individual cutting and playback points on the same shank.

When the arm is adjusted for recording or playback the proper needle point automatically is correctly positioned on the blank disc or record. Both points are osmium tipped for long life.


instruction/owners manual  English - Canadageek

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