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Signet XK35

Low-Mass Tonearm

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Signet XK35


In developing the Signet XK35 low mass tonearm, project engineers set for themselves no less a task than that of producing a true state of the art component.

To do so, they recognised, meant overcoming complex problems of low-pass resonance and provision for the high sensitivity and tracking capability needed to take full advantage of the high compliance characteristics of the finest modern phono cartridges.

The results of their efforts is the model XK-35 with Signetrace Planar Pivot Tracking - a tone arm which compensates for groove amplitude variations to keep tracking force at a constant level.

It's resonant frequency design utilises a high viscosity silicone oil to reduce the low-frequency resonance peak by an average of 5dB.

To keep mass to an absolute minimum, neither the headshell nor the tonearm tube are removable.

However, since the entire arm of the XK35 can be easily removed with a simple screw, cartridge mounting is quickly accomplished.


Overall length: 295mm

Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 15mm

Tracking error: +-1 degree

Tracking force range: 0 to 2g

Acceptable cartridge weight: 2 to 9g

Turntable height: 26 to 60mm

Resonant frequency: 10Hz (with TK9E mounted)

Damping effect: 5dB (with TK9E mounted)

Vertical sensitivity: 4mg minimum


instruction/owners manual  English

mounting template (not to scale)  English

overhang gauge  English

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