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Signet TK9E

Dual Moving Magnet Phono Cartridge (1980)

Signet TK9E


The TK9E Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge, has an advanced construction, far overshadowed by its level of performance, even when measured against the very latest recording techniques.

It may well be the finest moving magnet cartridge yet conceived.

In creating the TK9E we put aside matters of cost, speed of assembly, or mass production as of secondary concern. From tip to terminals every part was considered first for its contribution to sound.

While we would abandon old technology for new, novelty for its own sake was resisted, no matter how saleable.

Above all we weren't about to settle for 'good enough'. Every discernible improvement was worthwhile. Nothing was sacred except the desire for performance.

In reviewing the current state of the art, we found one characteristic common to almost every older design, even including our own. It might be called fractionalized thinking. A coil was a coil, a pole piece was a pole piece, a core was a core, etc. Each functional role was represented by its own little part.

But each added part increases problems of tolerances, electrical or mechanical losses, bulk and/or mass, and ultimately variations in the final product.

With the TK9E, a major step in simplification has been taken. While the Bauhaus dictum of 'less is more' is not quite a universal truth, the benefits of simplicity and unity of design went far beyond appearance or mechanical integrity. And performance improvements far exceeded our expectations.


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