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High End Moving-Magnet Cartridge

shure v15 III phono cartridge
Shure V15


Critics were most generous in their praise when the Shure V15 phono cartridge was introduced.

The ultimate test, however, has been time.

The engineering innovations, the uniform quality and the superb performance of the V15 have led to its continuous popularity among discriminating music lovers, critics and collectors.

Since the V15 was introduced, a multitude of audiophiles (as well as numerous critics) both here and abroad have chosen it as the source of sound for their refined music systems.


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compliance data

High Fidelity published a value of 20 x 10-6 cm/dyne vertical compliance with Dynamic Stabilizer up
in their December 1984 review of the V15 type V-MR.


Compliance data

The principal data about the V-15VxMR compliance are the following:

I. Shure TTR117 test record: a graph showing the Dynamic Stabilizer's effect on cartridge-arm resonance for the non-MR V-15V. Compared with the user manual of the same cartridge, it seems that this graph is based on SME 3009/III data (without damper), as this tonearm is specified in the user manual. These two sources give the following information:

1. Tone arm resonance, with SME 3009/III and Dynamic Stabilizer, is a wide frequency range peaking at 14 Hz (but at a very small amplitude).
2. Resonance, with the same tonearm but without the Stabilizer, is around 11 Hz (at a much higher amplitude but a narrow frequency spectrum).
3. I measured the VxMR cartridge with the test record, analyzed it with an FFT analyzer, and got the exactly same data: with Stabilizer 14 Hz, without, 11 Hz.

II. SME resonance calculator sheet ( this sheet helps to calculate tonearm resonance based on compliance and cartridge weight for different SME tonearms. I used this chart to backtrack the compliance of the Shure cartridge, and the graph shows that the actual compliance data is 18 × 10-6 cm/dyne for the pick-up.

III. The great French journal, L'Audiophile, wrote 25 × 10-6 cm/dyne for the pick-up ("20 cellules[...]", September 1982). This journal is always very correct in terms of data precision, but for this compliance, cartridge-tonearm resonance should peak at 9 Hz, which is far from the truth.

Interpretation of the data:

As the journal L'Audiophile writes in another article (about the Denon DL-103, november 1981), compliance varies with frequency. Apparently, Shure managed to make a cartridge with a lower compliance on lower frequencies, and higher compliance on higher frequencies, than in the previous models. Also, the V-15 Type IV's 8 Hz tonearm-resonance is not optimal, being too close to the rumble frequencies, so probably the company found its general compliance being too big.

Shure hasn't published any compliance data, maybe because of the tricky nature of the parameter. Instead, the company published the method of calculating the Total Trackability Index, wich is based on two parameters:

1. the cartridge's ability to track complicated signals,
2. its ability to track the grooves on a larger surface - which improves trackability especially with older records.

The TTI, based on TTR117 data, for the V-15 Type IV is 81.4, for the V-15 Type V it's 91.7, for the V-15VxMR, due to the larger profile of the MicroRidge needle, it's 104.3. Compliance shouldn't be a concern with this pick-up, probably the best tracking and most neutral pick-up ever made.