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Shure SC35C

Stereo Moving-Magnet Phono Cartridge

Shure SC35C


The Model SC35C Stereo Dynetic Phono Cartridge has been specifically designed for broadcast studio applications where a closely controlled frequency response and a rugged stylus assembly for back cuing are required.

The blue-colored stylus grip has a cut-away for improved visibility of the irradiant orange-colored stylus tip for accurate set-down in cuing operations.

A heavy-duty cartridge slield serves to minimize stray electromagnetic hum pickup. The Model SC35C will mount in virtually all professional and studio tone arms.

Trackability indicates how well a stylus can follow or track the recorded signals in a record groove without losing contact.

To provide an uninterrupted flow of information from the record, the phonograph stylus must be able to track the grooves.

Mistracking causes the most objectionable form of distortion. The Model SC35C provides high trackability, at a stylus force of 4 grams.


Channel separation: 20dB

Channel balance: 2dB

Tracking force: 4.5g (4.0-5.0g)

Load: 47K ohm

Replacement stylus: SS35C (15 microns spherical diamond)

Optional stylus: SS78E (63 x 13 microns biradial diamond)

Weight: 6.2g


instruction/owners manual  English - Bran Kulez

instruction/owners manual (rev 5)  English - BMRR

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