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Shure M61

Stereo Phono Pre-Amplifier

Shure M61


The Shure M61 series transistor preamplifiers are designed to furnish the voltage gain and equalisation necessary to operate magnetic phono cartridges (such as the Shure Dynetic cartridges) and tape playback heads with standard audio amplifiers.

One of the primary uses of the M61 is in conversion of stereo systems from ceramic cartridges to magnetic types.

Version -1 operates on 110V, version -2 on 240V and version -3 on battery power


Gain: 46dB (phono), 41dB (tape), 63dB (Mic)

Equalisation: RIAA

Input impedance: 50k ohms (phono), 20k ohms (Mic)

Output impedances: less than 1,000 ohms

Channel separation: 50dB

Channel balance: 2dB at 1,000Hz

Hum and noise level: -76dB

Output clipping level: more than 4.5V

Distortion: less than 1%

Dimensions: 133 x 62 x 59mm

Weight: 567g


-1 instruction/owners manual  English

-2 instruction/owners manual  English

-3 instruction/owners manual  English

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