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Outlining the Shure product range, including the Stereo and quadrophonic cartridges, Tonearms and pre-amplifiers.

True high-fidelity sound re-creation begins at the source of the sound.

Since the stylus is the only point of contact between the record and phonograph system, the sound can be no better than the cartridge.

This breathtakingly precise miniaturised electric generator (that's really what it is) must carry the full burden of translating the stereo record groove into usable electrical impulses...and should do this without adding or subtracting from what is on the recording.

Knowing this, Shure quality standards are rigidly maintained at the highest levels.


1962 catalogue  English - jalal1926

1963 catalogue  English - jalal1926

1974 overseas price list  English

1978 catalogue  English - alecm33

1979 catalogue  English

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