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Sansui SR-717

Direct-Drive Electronic Transcription Turntable

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sansui sr-717 turntable
sansui sr-717 tonearm
Sansui SR-717


Sansui has engineered this direct drive transcription turntable with particular attention to three key qualities; precision, stability and durability.

When it comes to performance, vibrations you can't hear can, indeed, be extremely harmful to faithful reproduction of musical timbre and nuances.

The Sansui SR-717 protects you from all motor vibration by driving the high inertia platter directly with a DC servomotor with it's own solid-state electronic control system.

The S-shaped tonearm with friction-free Sansui support reduces all tracing distortion.

And the no-howl cabinet does away with resonance.

Sansui uses super-hardened steel alloy and other advanced materials throughout to ensure impressive performance over long use.

When you listen to the SR717, all you will hear is what is on the record, not under it.


Type: two-speed, direct-drive

Motor: electronically controlled 20-pole synchronous motor with direct drive

Platter: 300mm aluminium alloy die-cast

Wow and flutter: less than 0.035% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: better than 60dB

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped, tubular tonearm with anti-skating device

Effective length: 235mm

Overhang: 16.5mm

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 18g

Dimensions: 508 x 182 x 394mm

Weight: 13.1kg


brochure  English

instruction/owners manual  English - HiFi1991

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais - HiFi1991

service manual  English

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Sansui SR 717 Bias weights

Hi Guys Looking at these posts from a year ago, some of you had the same problem as I have now. I have no lateral or vertical weights for my recently purchased 717. Can someone tell me how much each weighs and how to set them up? I will make my own. Thanks.

Sansui SR-717

Hi joemopar,
The original anti-skate weight (on the right side) should be 2 gram. I made my own too. The lateral weight on the left side is not required, I use my TT without this weight, the lateral balance is not critical.


Sansui SR-717 Bias weights

Thanks for your reply Ernie. I will make the anti -skate weight and start using the turntable.

sr 717

i'm having a big problem with my sr 717 turntable it is running too quickly even the inside speed controller cannot fixe it to the normal speed please help me to solve this problem

I need a foot for the sansui SR717

Need foot for a Sansui SR717 Also have both weights for SR717 but have no way off knowing how to weigh. Am getting a Shure cartridge gage this week & will check for measurements....also need a copy of manual for SR717.....Maybe we can all help each other....Also am willing to buy...Terry (wigedout)


Hi Terry,
I sent you a private message.

vercingetorix (alias Ernie)

Sansui SR-717 tone arm

Hi all together,
I lost the weight for the lateral balance (it´s stock no. 6912350 in the service manual). If you have any info on that part (how many grams and how to adjust)or where I can purchase it please let me know.

best regs

weights and service manual for sr717

Hi; I saw your posting and decided to ask you for some help and info. I recently purchased an sr717 machine and trying to set it up. I am missing both weights plus the service manual. Cant find service manual download on this site plus where can I buy the weights. Hope you can help. Thanks, jeffrey

bias weight for sr-212

Hi, my friend just gave me the sr-212, but the bias weight (and maybe also hook) is missing, do you know where i can find/buy a "new" one? (on the internet) I'm kind of new in this :)



I have lateral weight but have no way 2 weigh I can do is go to post office & weigh for you.I set mine about 1/4" from end of rod also I am running a Shure M97XE cart.My vertical weighs 2 grams & have set on 1st notch but to my understanding lateral is not that important its the vertical that is the most critical.Cart. weight is what affects set up but to my understanding if you set top of weight about a 1/4" below bottom of tone arm is pretty close.I will go weigh lateral for you if u want also can give you length & diameter so you could make one if you like.I've got mine dialed in pretty good & it sounds terrific.So let me no what I can do for you.Also do you have part # for table foot?

Hi wigedout, I sent you the

Hi wigedout,
I sent you the service manual and the engine_brochure by Email, I guess you got it already. You are right, the vertical weight is critical (anti skate). I purchased a similar weight, it weighs 3.8 gram so I have to reduce it on 2 gram. I use an Ortofon VinylMaster Red cart with 1.5 gram tracking force. Furthermore I purchased a test record LP from image hifi, there are several tests on this vinyl such as channel identification, phase test , cross talk test, tonearm-cartridge resonance test and the tracking ability test (for anti skate). Could you please provide me details for the lateral balance weight (lenght and diameter and if possible approx. how many grams).
For table foot I suggest to purchase new ones (spikes).

turntable sr-717 service

Hi all
I lost the small part of my sr-717 ( colume weight - inseide force canceller ) if you have any info about the weight of that , please send me .

Regards, Mostafa