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Sansui SR-333

Direct-Drive Manual Turntable

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sansui sr-333 direct drive turntable
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sansui sr-333 turntable
Sansui SR-333


The Sansui SR-333 is a dependable, high-performance manual turntable, a direct drive design that's perfect in every way, especially for audiophiles moving into the total world of component sound.

Scientific measurements, even it's fine performance specifications, can't really describe the key criterion of this unit, its superb tonal quality. And it also has many of the most important features of the more expensive Sansui turntable line.

The motors speed is regulated correctly at all times. Besides an excellent start-up torque, the motor features many other superior performance specifications including low wow and flutter of 0.035%. Also included are fine pitch controls. The platter is large and heavy, die-cast of aluminium and provided with four stroboscopic stripe patterns on the rim. Superior inertia characteristics keep the platter revolution silky smooth.

The revolving and moving parts of the SR-333 are designed for supreme long life. Sansui has used a new. super-hardened stainless steel spindle and a new bearing made of a special nylon compound containing molybdenum disulphide. Additionally, the surface of the bearing is finished with a special mirror finish technique that minimizes wear.

The tonearm improves on conventional models. The fulcrum point of the tonearm now has increased area and weight, and thus it is more securely positioned. This means it will resist any harmful vibration in the front-back or left-right directions, and respond positively only to the undulations in the record groove. The result is increased stability.

Other advantages include a tubular tonearm filled with a special acoustic absorbent, and the tonearm which is solidly mounted on a large, thick zinc die-cast base to prevent resonance. Also, the connector contacts of the universal headshell are gold-plated to prevent deterioration.

The elegant, ruggedly designed cabinet includes numerous anti-howling measures specially developed by Sansui for this turntable. The particleboard base fixed inside the cabinet increases the internal loss of vibration energy. There are also newly-developed complex-structure insulators that absorb any external vibration. The cabinet also comes complete with a removable, transparent dust cover with free-stop hinges.

All of this careful attention to detail contributes overall to the enhanced tonal quality of the SR-333 that is obvious when you play a record on it.


Type: two-speed, direct-drive manual turntable

Motor: 20-pole, 30-slot DC brushless

Drive system: direct drive spindle, electronically servo controlled

Platter: 318mm, 1.4kg, aluminium alloy diecast

Wow and flutter: less than 0.035%

Signal to noise ratio: better than 60dB

Rumble: better than 70dB

Fine speed adjustment: +-3.5%

Tonearm: statically balanced, s-shaped resonance free tonearm with two point pivot support

Effective length: 220mm

Overhang: 17.5mm

Offset angle: 24.5 degrees

Cartridge weight: 4 to 11g

Dimensions: 460 x 153 x 373mm

Weight: 7.8kg


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service manual  English - Ssergd

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