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Sansui P-L50

Computerized Automatic Turntable System

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Sansui P-L50


Type: computerized, automatic music selection, linear tracking

Motor: coreless and brushless

Drive system: FG servo direct drive

Wow and flutter: 0.028% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 72dB

Tonearm: linear tracking

Dimensions: 430 x 114 x 373mm

Weight: 6.5kg


instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch Francais - sondurum

service manual  English

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Somebody gave me his old Sansui P-L51 Turntable. There is no owners manual with it. I can't get the turntable to play. If I press START a red light on the arm flashes, the LP starts turning around, but the arm doesn't move to the LP. A few seconds later the LP stops turning. What I can see on the screen is the yellow LOCKED. If the turntable is locked, how do i unlock it? Or if it's some other problem, how do I get the arm to move to the LP and play?

locked up.

When I first got my linear player and I tried to play it I had the same problem.
The table would not turn and the tonearm would not move. I thought it was locked upl
Then I read the manual and it said to turm unit upside down and unscrew the transit screw and take off the bracket .
Then turn the unit back upright , take the platter pad off and unscrew the two screws with the orange tags.Then lift off the chrome platter and remove the black transit bumpers . Put it back together and it should work OK. The orange lighted lock does not mean the platter is locked up. Hope this works for you.


The reply is very late but if you still have not got it working.
There is a belt that moves the arm, please open the TT if possible & change the belt. It should work fine.

What I can see on the screen is the yellow LOCKED. If the turntable is locked, how do i unlock it?

This is only a indicator that the motor is quartz locked that all. You dont need to unlock anything.

I am sure you must have figured it out by now

Thanks - Clayton