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Roksan Tabriz

Gimbal Bearing Tonearm

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Roksan Tabriz


The Roksan Tabriz is a conventional gimbal bearing tonearm with single piece headshell and arm tube.

The Tabriz can be bought as, or upgraded to Zi specification which uses the Zi intelligent counterweight option, improved fixing clamp from the Artemiz tonearm and Roksan's high definition phono cable.

The standard counterweight is compliantly mounted on rubber suspension and sits on a stem which is lower than the main arm tube to bring the weight in line with the stylus, reducing stylus pressure changes on warped records.

The Zi counterweight hangs from a single point on a rider on the rear stem, effectively decoupling it from the arm and dramatically lowering the centre of gravity. The latest version of the counterweight uses a tubular body style which accepts different weight blocks for cartridge matching.

The high definition cable option uses high quality, low-capacitance cable particularly suited to MC cartridges and features a short, highly flexible section close to the tonearm plug, useful on softly sprung turntables.

The arm is a drop in replacement for Rega cut armboards up to 26mm thick.


Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 17.5mm

Headshell offset angle: 22.9 degrees

Effective mass: 9g

Mounting hole diameter: 23mm

Armboard thickness 1 to 26mm

Cartridge weight: 5 to 11g

Tracking force: 1.2 to 2.5g uncalibrated

VTA adjustment: sliding collar

Anti-skate: dial adjuster


Well built, pleasantly finished, ideal for turntable fans whose sights are set higher than the average bank balance - £165 What HiFI Award winner 1991

Though obviously targeted at the Xerxes, it is also a good alternative to the Rega arms in many applications - £165 HFC 1992

The Tabriz in it's Zi incarnation is an extremely competent arm that should work very well with a range of decks - £500 HFC 2003


instruction/owners manual  English

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Zi instruction/owners manual  English

Zi protractor  English

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Roksan Tabriz zi

I have owned the wonderful Roksan Tabriz zi arm for about 7 years if you have just bought one its not you, it is the arm. It is a blighter to set up and calls for special skills unknown by other arm users.
Setting the tracking force is usually a simple task that a 10 year old could easily tackle. On the Tabriz you need a stylus balance some isopropyl alcohol and a tooth-pick. If the weight of your arm is unreliable it may be that the weight stub is oily and is making the weight slide in my case closer to the cartridge to dull the sound by adding weight. To cure this you need secure the arm in its holder slide off the weight and remove the two little grommets from inside the weight holder and clean with the alcohol also clean the weight stub on the arm refit the grommets and redo the stylus pressure. Now the job of adjusting the stylus pressure is more awkward as the grommets stick to the arm while you are trying to move them but at least it will stay in place now make sure the grommet holder is upright by checking the lines on the grommet holder and the weight stub.
To set the arm to level you cannot use the fulcrum of the arm as the bearing cover is not level (at least it's not on mine). You will need a miniature spirit level affixed to the arm, I had to file the bottom of my level so that I could use a minute amount of blue tack to stick the level to the top of the arm. With the turntable spinning lower the arm till it just plays music without distortion WARNING do not let the arm all the way down as the added weight of the level will damage your stylus. Check the level, keep repeating this until the arm level is spot on. Have a good listen. Basically lifting the arm from level gives a thinner sound and dropping gives a thicker tone. Apparently what we are looking for is the stylus leaning at minus 2 degrees as viewed from the side, thats the stylus if it was the minute hand on a clock pointing at third of a minute to twelve. I can't see my stylus that clearly so I fine adjust by ear.
If it all still sounds pants check the equipment you use to check;- make sure your level is level by checking the position of the bubble turning the level through 180 degrees and check again if the bubble is not in exactly the same position the level is duff. Check squares by drawing a line with the square reverse the square and draw a new line line A and line B should be exactly the same. You will be horrified at how far out some of the test equipment we use is.
I use the Tabriz zi with a Lyra Helikon on a Pink Triangle export with the power supply a Ringmat and Ringcap ( if you suffer from too much tizz the cap works ) a LFD phonostage MC1.
Finally I'd like to say that the Tabriz zi is a lovely detailed arm that works well with large and small scale classical on the pop side which the Pink is supposed to have problems with I listen to folk but also to Happy Mondays etc. it sounds great.