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Revox B795

Direct-Drive Turntable (1979-1984)

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Revox B795


The Revox B795 turntable consists of a Quartz-locked direct-drive motor unit in a heavy plinth, with servo-controlled, linear tracking tonearm system.

Touch type controls are provided for Stop/Start and Speed selection.

The supplied cartridge is the moving magnet Revox MDR20 manufactured by AKG.


Platter drive: quartz controlled direct drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed stability: +-0.01%

Platter: 313mm diameter, 2.1kg

Wow and flutter: better than 0.05%

Rumble: -70dB (weighted)

Tonearm: linear tracking tonearm with servo electronic follow up control

Tangential error: smaller than 0.5 degrees

Skating compensation: none required

Stylus force: 0.8 to 2g

Weight: 9.1kg


With a carefully chosen cartridge, the B795's combination of features and sound quality may well be appealing - £339 HiFi Choice 1983


cartridge compatibility table  English - bigbadwolf

instruction/owners manual  Deutsch

instruction/owners manual  English

instruction/owners manual  English Deutsch

instruction/owners manual  Francais

service manual (part 1)  English Deutsch Francais

service manual (part 2)  English Deutsch Francais

service manual (part 3)  English Deutsch Francais

service manual (part 4)  English Deutsch Francais

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service manual (part 6)  English Deutsch Francais

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Got it :-)

Hello my friend,

I have found a REVOX Cartridge alignment kit + a SHURE stylus force gauge. Now I have a SHURE V15 type IV installed in my B795. :-) Wow, what a marvel !!!!

Revox Cartridge alignement


I am looking for this special Revox Cartridge alignment kit. Anyone would sell its own one?

Thank you very much…

Cartridge alignment Kit

Does anybody know how to still get a 'cartridge alignment kit' that is mentioned in the service manual?

stopped turning

I've had a Revox B795 for about 25 years. The turntable has stopped turning. I'm afraid it might have gotten left turned on. The power still works, the tonearm lights up but the leds no longer light up. Any suggestions as to the most probable cause, troubleshooting, procuring repair parts and repair instructions?


Revox B795

I owned this turntable for a number of years. I had one problem with it all along: everytime the carrier motor moves the cartridge, to maintain tangentiality, there is a slight but clearly audible "thump". This is particularly annoying on quiet passages. Few years ago someone in Switzerland told me that this could be cured with application of some silicon damping compound to the pin-and-socket arrangement at the back of the cartridge holder. Reading the service manual for the first time now, there is no mention of any such treatment. Does anyone else have this problem and how does it get dealt with? The pin-and -socket is at such an awkward position that trying different densities of silicon compaound there is very trying...Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

B795 Thump

I had the same problem with mine, and it turned out to be due to friction between rails and carrier. Wiping down the rails with silicone spray lube to remove the accumulated film to reduce friction did the trick.

Revox B795 damping compound

I brought a very tidy one of these decks on ebay 6 months ago and have got it working perfectly with a new cartridge (AT440).

I noticed a tiny amount gunk in the bearing cup when I set it up and pulled some out with tweezers. It had the consistency of soft blu-tak.

I was a bit concerned about it not being in the service manual. However, I thought "if it ain't broke - don't fix it" so left it alone.

You will have to use something that is thick enough to stay in the cup with the deck is up-side-down or you will make a mess when changing or adjusting the cartridge.

I hope this is of some help.

hi, just seen your note

hi, just seen your note about the 'gunk in the bearing cup' you noted.
Is at all possible for you to send me a pic of this, as I've a 795 coming to me tomorrow?
blisteringbarnacles 'at' if you can, but quite understand if it's not convenient of course.