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Rek-O-Kut Turntables and Lathes


Outlining various Rek-O-Kut Turntables and lathes

Models covered in this catalogue:


Rhythmaster - portable with continuously variable speed control

Recitalist - 3-speed portable

Model P-43C - 3-speed 16" with crystal pick-up
Model P-43M - 3-speed 16" with magnetic variable reluctance pick-up

Model P-43VC - continuously variable speed 16" with dual stylus
Model P-43VM - continuously variable speed 16" with dual magnetic variable reluctance

Model G-2 Deluxe - 16" transcription

Model T-12H and T-43H - 12" transcription

Model LP-743 - 3 speed 12" transcription

Model CVS-12 - continuously variable speed

Disc Recorders

Challenger Deluxe - professional 13.25" disc recorder for standard and micro-groove recording

R-8A Universal Recording Amplifier - as used in the deluxe challenger

Model 'V' Deluxe - Dual speed 16" recording turntable

Model M-5S Master Pro - overhead recording mechanism

Model TR-12H - dual speed 12" recording turntable

Model M-12 - overhead recording mechanism


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Rek O Cut serv manual and schamitic

My friend has this same exact one its gray in color where can he locate the schamitic and serv manual any help would be greatly appreciated
sincerely william