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Rek-O-Kut B-16H

16" 3-Speed Transcription Turntable

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Rek-O-Kut B-16H


The universal demand for a 16", 3 speed transcription turntable, specifically designed and engineered for the three popular disc recording speeds, has now been filled by the Rek-O Kut model B-16H.

Entirely new elements of design and engineering, based upon suggestions made by leading engineers in the field, were embodied to produce this authentic three-speed turntable.

As a result, all three recording speeds, 33 1/3, 45 and 78 can be selected with equal facility simply by turning an indicator.

Here is another proud result of the recognised skill and ingenuity of Rek-O-Kut craftsmen.

The Model B-16H belongs in your station or studio.

The optional model C-7 console cabinet features a drop down front drawer with rack holding 100 transcription records and electrical outlets.


Noise level: 50dB

Speed variation: NAB standard

Base: cast aluminium, radial ribbed for rigidity

Platter: 15" cast aluminium, lathe turned with extra heavy rim

Speed change: instantaneous

Drive: rim driven through idlers

Speed shift: mastermatic self locking

Motor: hysteresis synchronous

Finish: blue-gray wrinkle

Weight: 30lbs

Dimensions: 20 x 18 3/4"


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16 inch

Ever see one?

The flywheel action makes an incredibly stable speed.
Because the platter alway rings on the outside circumference, the ringing is a long way from the record.
The idler wheel and motor is usually at the rim, which is a long way from the record.
The advantages of an idler drive (Platter mass added to motor mass for the lowest resonant frequency).
They sound huge and musical.

This Rek-O-Cut has one flaw:The edge of the platter should be shrouded for prevention of bearing impact from side thrust. A good installation will have a plywood baffle over the turntable to protect the edges.

Is the motor of B-16H made by Telefunken in Germany?

Probably you know about it ?