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Rega RB300


The RB300 was the first arm built by Rega in Britain

The arm features a beautifully cast one piece arm tube and headshell, closely toleranced bearings, rigid bearing housings and magnetic frictionless bias compensation.

VTF is applied by a dial on the side of the vertical pivot housing.

A spring within the mechanism applies maximum negative VTF at the zero setting and above three grams the spring is effectively disconnected.

Wiring is slightly unusual in that the arm tube is grounded via the left channel ground wire so there is no earth wire to connect back at the preamp.


Effective length: 237mm

Overhang: 15mm

Mounting distance: 222mm

Effective mass: 11.5g

Cartridge weight: 4 to 11g


Despite its modest price it sets exceptional performance standards and could be used on many high end turntables - HFN 1989

It was clear after only a few minutes audition, that the RB300 was a top flight performer. Depending on the chosen player, it proved quite comfortable in the company of other reference tonearms - £90 HiFi Choice 1984

Despite controversy over ultimate sound quality this is still a lot of arm for the money - The Flat Response 1984


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Rega RB300 thread size and pitch for the cartridge weight

Is the thread pitch for the cartridge weight stub on the Rega arms (RB300) M12x1.0 pitch (fine thread)? I am attempting to change to a Michell Tecnoweight and the internal threads of the arm are a bit buggered?? I need to run a flat nose tap in a bit to clear the problem but am not sure of the thread pitch.

removal of audio technica oc9 cartridge which has v tight screws

geoff menzer
I recently had my systemdeck11 flown to me in secure(so I thought) packaging.
However the OC9 cartridge on the rega 300 arm had its stylus assembly damaged, so I need to replace cartridge.
But the screws are very tight and I am having trouble finding tools to grip the nut,and the head of screw has no thread(does it need an allan wrench? The head SEEMS to be circular with a'hole' in it which seems to be circular,not hexagonal...or is it looking that way as it is small?
PS As the arm is mounted on the deck etc , it is not easy to get a good grip due to the limitation of movement.So far I tried with the locking screw for travelling in place, and the arm secured on its safety rest.
PPS I have an OC5 partly used to replace it,which,incidentally I preferred tyhe sound of.(Or maybe the dealer did not do a good job of fixing it?

Allen key

It most probably an allen bolt so you'll need a hexagonal driver to remove it. If it's rounded off you can either carefully drill the head off, or if the head is proud of the slots you can try gripping it with pliers or hacksawing a slot in the head to take a straight blade screwdriver? Another trick is to use a torx bit the right size to fit what is left of the hole?