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Rega RB250


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Rega RB250


The RB250 uses the same arm tube as the RB300 but substitutes the stainless end stub for a threaded plastic version and the counterweight is black painted steel rather than tungsten or stainless steel.

The lateral bearing housing is in brass and the vertical bearings are on either side of the arm tube, with the VTF dial omitted.

Early models came with a lacquered steel counterweight rather than black and recent photographs suggest that Rega has now returned to this silver counterweight on it's Rega branded RB250s.


Effective length: 237mm

Overhang: 15mm

Offset: 22 degrees

Mounting distance: 222mm

Mounting hole: 23mm

Effective mass: 12g

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 11g


The ultimate budget arm? Refined, detailed, sweet and natural.


baerwald protractor  English

original rega protractor  English

stevenson protractor  English

(early) instruction/owners manual  English

(late) instruction/owners manual  English

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Rega RB250 counter weight

there were some versions of the Rega RB250 counterweight that were made from stainless steel, I am looking at one now.

Rega Arm Anti_skating bias

I just purchased a Michell modified RB-250. In setting it up, the arm has a distinct pull back to the arm lock bar with no anti-skating selected. I was told by the US rep that this is normal. Is this indeed the case?

Rega Arm Anti-skating bias.

The original internal wiring of the Rega arms is fed through a very tightly fitting grommet to prevent the physical resistance of the wiring from interfering with the anti-skating force. Sometimes a dealer will lose or not replace this grommet. In this case you need to set the anti-skating to zero, unscrew the hex nut holding the cable base in place and carefully rotate the base anti-clockwise until a zero bias has been obtained.

Hopefully this will cure the problem.

Rega Arm Antiskating Bias

I also just got the Michell TecnoArm and it behaved in the same way, making it arduous to find the correct position of the cartridge. I noticed the same behavior on a brand new RB700 on a Rega P5.