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Rega R100

Moving-Magnet Phono Cartridge

Rega R100


The Rega R100 cartridge was developed to afford the listener more emotional enjoyment than any cartridge in and beyond its price category.

Rather than concentrating on one specific aspect (trackability, frequency response, stylus shape, etc.), all too often at the expense of the overall performance.

Rega designed the R100 cartridge to retrieve musical information with a dynamic realism yet full-bodied smoothness typically found only among more expensive moving coils.

The R100 is exceedingly versatile and will perform admirably in inexpensive record changers as well. Often the R100 will prove the simplest and least costly method to upgrade a playback system.

To evaluate what the Rega will do for your system, have your dealer play your cartridge and then the Rega. Just ask yourself which cartridge sounds more emotionally satisfying. After all, the purpose of any hi-fi equipment should be to maximize the excitement and pleasure of reproduced music. We think you'll agree that the Rega R100 succeeds commendably in achieving this goal.


Frequency response: from 1Hz to 20kHz plus, limits dependent upon amplifier input stage and velocity, acceleration, and wave form of applied frequency

Recommended capacitance: 300-350pf at phono input stage

Output Voltage: 4.5mV at 5 cm/sec

Stylus Shape: Super hypo catino eiliptoid

Vertical Tracking Force: 1.5 g — 2.0g (optimal 1.75g)

Weight: 6.2 grams


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