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Rega Arm Cueing Lever


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Is really the Allen key 1,2 mm?

I have a Rega SB 251 arm.
I need to dismantle the Cueing lever.
In this manual it say that the Grub Screw needs an "Allen Key" of 1,2 millimeters.
I have this key and it does not fit. I try with an 1,1 millimeters key. It does not fit.
Anyone knows really the key that fit this "Allen screw"???

Allen-key size for Rega

Not having a Rega arm to check on, a 3/64" allen key may just be the size you're looking for- at an equivalent of 1.1906 mm, it may just give you the proper fit you require... Knowing Rega is English, a lot of their tooling would be "imperial" (inches, pounds,etc.) so i'll bet when the Metric System was accepted pretty-much everywhere else and they had to change- this costs a company a lot of money in tooling to make the change; hence i'm sure a few costs were cut leaving some parts as they were. Not much fun for the repairers! Regards, Steve.