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Realistic LAB-500

Fully-Automatic Direct-Drive Turntable

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realistic lab-500 turntable
Realistic LAB-500


The Realistic LAB-500 precision quartz-lock, direct-drive turntable is designed to meet the high standards of performance that audiophiles expect for superior sound reproduction of their disc recordings.

The turntable is driven by a special motor and circuit which maintain constant speed regardless of supply voltage variations or changes in load caused by cartridge/tone arm drag.

The motor is a DC type, with special permanent magnet pole pieces which self-generate a signal used to compare with an internal quartz crystal frequency standard. This comparison function is accomplished by a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit. The resulting turntable speed is continuously sampled and corrected to assure precisely accurate speed. Two special Hall-Effect semiconductor devices are built into the Motor to allow speed control of this powerful, brushless DC Motor.

The automatic return function is tripped by a special optoelectronic semiconductor device - assuring no change in turntable speed, even at the end of the record.

Most of the LAB-500's functions are electronically controlled - fewer mechanical parts to break down or wear out The S-shaped tone arm keeps the stylus of the cartridge perpendicular to the radius of the groove over the full surface of the record, which means low distortion and excellent tracking at less than 1-1/2 grams.

The turntable comes complete with an R-9000ELWS moving-magnet type cartridge with a nude bi-radial 5 x 18 micron elliptical diamond stylus that faithfully produces frequencies between 20-20,000Hz while maintaining good channel separation. Thus providing extremely linear frequency response.


Type: 2-speed, quartz lock, direct drive, fully automatic

Platter: 320mm, 1.4kg, aluminium alloy die-cast

Motor: 12 pole brushless dc servo type

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Rumble: 70dB

Wow and flutter: 0.04%

Tonearm: static balance type, tubular

Effective length: 227mm

Overhang: 14mm

Effective arm mass: 19.8g

Dimensions: 156 x 480 x 386mm

Weight: 10kg


instruction/owners manual  English - polypetalous

instruction/owners manual (imp scan)  English - Bammerz

service manual  English - Bammerz

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