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RCA Type 70-D

Professional 2-Speed Transcription Turntable

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RCA Type 70-D


The Type 70-D transcription turntable is designed for high-fidelity reproduction from records and transcriptions.

Mounted on the turntable is a universal pickup and arm assembly for use in reproducing both lateral and vertical cut records.

An MI-4975 reproducing filter is mounted inside the cabinet.

To record, a type 72-DX (MI-11900) or type 72-D (MI-11901) recording attachment may be easily added to the turntable.

The motor is a high-torque synchronous type, cushion mounted on the bottom shelf of the equipment.

The 70-D turntable has associated with it a separate flywheel to insure excellent speed regulation.

A speed change switch is used to select either 78 or 33 1/3 rpm for the platter speed.

The universal pickup and filter reproduces the various types of record (Orthacoustic, Victor, RCA, Columbia, World and others) with a response characteristic which is considered ideal playback response.

The filter unit is designed so that the response is obtained by turning a switch to one of six positions.


Platter: 16 inches

Speeds: 33 1/3 and 78rpm

Finish: umber gray or black

Pickup type: universal

Output impedance: 250 ohms

Noise level: less than 120dbm

Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 28 inches

Weight: 150 pounds


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