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Pioneer PL-L1000

2-Speed Direct-Drive Turntable with Linear Tracking Arm

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Pioneer PL-L1000


The Pioneer PL-L1000 comes fitted with a linear tracking tonearm which traces the sound grooves on the record linearly in the same way that the master cutting machine cuts the grooves in the first place.

This means that the linear system is superior to conventional offset tonearms in many ways:

(1) There is no tracking error thus preventing the generation of harmonic distortion.

(2) In principle, there is no generation of inside force and so the crosstalk and intermodulation distortion are improved and the positioning of the sound image is stabilized.

(3) The tonearm pipe is linear for optimum lateral balance.

(4) It is possible to shorten the effective length of the tonearm and so this feature makes for a low equivalent mass and high rigidity.

This combination also reduces resonance in the parts and compound resonance.

Sub-functions of the PL-L1000 include auto lead-in, auto-return, auto cut, quick repeat, quick play, quick stop, stylus pressure direct readout, arm height adjustment, cueing device and free stop hinges.


Drive system: direct drive

Motor: quartz PLL hall motor

Platter: 310mm aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: less than 0.013% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 78dB

Tonearm: linear direct drive motor, static balance, linear tracking

Effective length: 190mm

Overhang: zero

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 24g

Headshell weight: 10.5g

Dimensions: 494 x 154 x 456mm

Weight: 12kg

Accessories: EP adaptor, screwdriver, overhang gauge, level, cleaning cloth, cartridge mounting parts, cartridge (PC-600)


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service manual (additional)  English - PHerrmann

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I found mine at an estate sale, along with an SX-850, CT-F6060, PG-2, and some speakers. All for $75.00. Some time spent with contact cleaner and a rubber band for the PL tone arm lifter and everything works great....while celebrating this find I mourn the fact that there were several 10.5" reels of tape there but no had been purchased earlier in the day! Why they(or I for that matter) left the tapes is a mystery......and what WAS that reel to reel that was no longer there????????

Pioneer PL-L1000

I found a Pioneer PL-L1000 turn table and Sansui 9900Z receiver at a garage sale yesterday. I was able to pick up both for $25. I went to the next garage sale and picked up two Technics Model SB-2715 3-way speakers for $15 for the pair. What a great day for finding older stereo equipment that is still in good shape. The arm does not respond when I press the arm elevation button, so I have some work to do. I don't know that much about repairing turn tables, so I printed a copy of the owners/operators/service manual from this website to get me started. If you have any advice on what to replace or repair, I would appreciate any assistance you can give me. I'm with you when it comes to finding stereo equipment. Yard sales, garage sales, or in your case estate sales are good places to look.


have had my pl-1000 since 1984 when i bought it in germany while stationed in the air force. i`ve been using a grado cartridge in it and its still works beutifully, never had any breakdowns!
it sounds as good as the trio 350 i also have. but i spent 6 months doing modifications to the trio to get it where it sounds today


Loud but clear!

From what I have read this must be a really good table. Have had mine for a week now. Havent used it yet. Need to purchase a new stylus first. Seems the cartridge is still original. Anyone know of a better cartridge and stylus?

pioneer pl-1000

Hi everyone
I had the pleasure of picking up one Pioneer pl-1000 today

Everything looks fine, but it came with a us- type of current connector, not usable here in
Denmark, so I will have to look into that, a message-sign on the back of the player tells
that it should be able to run with "our" current = 220-230 volts.I changed the connector,and
started to test it, but unfortunately it wont lower the tonearm and makes skreeky sound
until I press the "arm lift" button or return the arm to the rest.

It sure is a great thing to be able to download the manual for this player, thank you for that!
greetings from Denmark

Pioneer pl-1000 with a us- type of current connector

Did you realize that the player (with a US- type of current connector....!) also can be designed for 60 Hz in stead of the in Europe applied 50 Hz? Best regards, Jos

PLL100a/phase linear 8000a

same table. oopsy, it looks like a accidentally hit the send button above. well somewhere i have a copy of the bas speaker review of the phase linear version. they slathered it with praise but its not quite as good as they said.

my kenwood kd500/grace 707 allowed the sound of each cartridge to come through MUCH better than the phase. i have the 1000a version and while its very good, its not quite in the same league as a 707s arm for revealing the details.

the convenience factor is large with auto lift/shutoff and hads off cuing (it CAN be had cued if you let the tonearm cue down over the area where there is no record. thats what i usually do when using this tt.

if the rubber spring tower dampers/grommets die, the paltter will scrape the inside of the plinth. for squelching that, contact me for my toysRus mod.

right now i am using my s**a/mmt/FR so the pio sets. i also have the kd500/707 to mount my f9e on. gotta get past my lazy stage here.

PL-L1000 tower mod

Hi TR,
I'm going to pick up my PL-L1000 tonight. I am not sure what condition my towers are in but being as old as it is I am certain that it will soon need this tweak. Can you please email it to me at my personal address:


Yours for higher fidelity,
Philip Rastocny


I purchased a PL-L1000A which scrapes. The bubber is shot. Do you have a fix, please?


Rubber Damper on Spring

I found your comment for
if the rubber spring tower dampers/grommets die, the paltter will scrape the inside of the plinth. for squelching that, contact me for my toysRus mod.

Can I have how to find Rubber cushion?

Regards, Chang

pioneer pl-l1000

i recently bought a pl-l1000 and i am very pleased with this turntable; it is very good sounding.
i have never heard my benz ace-h sound as good,very detailed, spacious but never hard.
thanks to vinylengine i was able to repair the tonearmlift and adjust the tonearm.
a question for you members of this forum: has anyone of you a review of this turntable??
greetings from the netherlands,

pl l1000

John, I got this table, but plastic release next to arm base is broken. Cannot get arm to go down, can you advise me or tell me who helped you? email me at Thanks

PL-L1000 commentary (also Phase Linear 8000)

1) "no tracking error" actually there is some in any linear arm. It can be minimized by correct positioning of the cartridge but there is still some angular movement of the arm in order to trip the arm drive. Most arms provide a motor run on in order to keep the arm moving but it still happens that there's times when it's shut off.
2) "short tonearm" it is correct that a short tone arm can reduce mass however it can lead to another problem referred to as "warp wow." If an album is warped there's an angular change in the stylus as it approaches and leaves the center of the warp. The longer the arm the less the angle changes conversely the shorter the arm the greater the angular change. This is audible in varying extents.
To demonstrate: Hold a short pencil by the end then raise and lower the other end 1/4" note the change of the pencil. Now do the same with a longer pencil. You'll see the angular change is reduced.
One of the worst tonearms for this effect was the Transcriptors Vestigal on which only the headshell moved up and down. The arm remained level at all times. That's not to say it was a "bad" tonearm only that it demonstrates this effect to the maximum. I loved the arm.

PL-L1000 commentary response

It would be wise to understand the design of this particular turntable before making comments, especially when they are laced with what appears to be expertise. The linear arm on this turntable does not use any switches, and does not shut off. It uses a photoresistor illuminated by a lamp shining through a slit aperture connected to the arm. The photoresistor pair drive a differential amplifier which energizes a linear magnet direct drive motor either left or right depending upon which ever photoresistor is more illuminated. At any time both directions are on and the carriage floats at exactly 90 degress to the tonearm. The differential amp gain is adjustable, as is the balance and there is no dead band at all. In fact the tonearm carriage can be observed to be moving both left and right in response to even the slightest eccentricity of the groves.
Warp wow, does exist, but the arm is supposed to be level, and the change in effective length is so slight as to be inaudible.

Review article

I have a 1980 magazine review article of this deck. I will send you a scanned copy if you will upload it onto this site.

review pl-l1000

Hello Arg,

iI would like to have the review article of the Pioneer, but i don"t know how to upload this article onto the site of The Vinylengine.
Maybe you could give me info about that?
Greetings from Holland,