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Pioneer PL-520

Direct-Drive Two-Motor Fully-Automatic Turntable

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Pioneer PL-520


The Pioneer PL-520 incorporates a high precision phonomotor combining control circuitry composed of semiconductors with Hall elements in the brushless DC motor.

Another feature is the high inertia platter.

The speed of the platter is smooth since the Hall elements guarantee accurate position detection and the motors winding current is controlled by transistors.

Altogether, these attractive features make a signal to noise ratio of more than 72dB and a wow and flutter of less than 0.03%.


Type: direct drive

Motor: 8-pole, 24-slot, DC servo motor

Platter: 330mm aluminium alloy diecast

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control range: +-2%

Wow and flutter: 0.03%

Rumble: 73dB

Tonearm: static-balanced type, s-shaped pipe arm

Effective length: 221mm

Overhang: 15.5mm

Cartridge weight range: 4 to 10g

Dimensions: 460 x 395 x 171mm

Weight: 8.5kg


instruction/owners manual  English

service manual  English - rtksjones

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RE: New Stylus for Pioneer Turntable PL-520

Please - does anyone know where I can buy a new stylus for my turntable? My husband broke it! I have no idea where to start looking. I bought this unit about 38 years ago. Thanks.
Carol Komsthoeft

Pioneer Pl-520 Auto return Adjustments problem

Hello everyone.
I got a Pioneer Pl-520 and the Auto return is off..
The arm will not go up when it done playing the record
What do I need to do to make the correct Adjustments?
I noticed that it will click if I lift the arm and move it an inch or so forward but this is after the end of the groovs.

Thanks 4 helping out !

$30... not bad!

I found this turntable at a thrift store for $30. When I started it up, the speed would fluctuate. After I remedied that I found a whole host of other problems that needed adjusting. I basically had to do a complete tuneup on the machine. Now it works fine and is the best TT I've ever owned thus far.

It came with a Pickering XV-15 cartridge, which has a little brush that sweeps the way for the stylus. I thought that was pretty cute.

The sound is amazing!

Also, does anyone know when this was manufactured and what the original cost was? Thanks.


I bought my PL-520 back in

I bought my PL-520 back in 1979 for abot $250...If you take inflation into consideration, it should have been a prety decently priced turnable at the time. I took mine to repair about a month ago but in the meantime was able to get one in ebay for less than $30 plus shipping (total <$50). Just got it today and will try it shortly...Hope to get mine repaired also..the tech was able to fix a problem with the arm mechanism but now there is a problem with one of the channels that he is trying to fix...will see....

Could not fixed my old PL-520

The tech was unable to fix my old PL-520. The problem is that when you press the start button all goes welll; it starts, the arm moves and descends on the platter, but after about five seconds it gets cutt off and returns to the arm rest and shutts off. Otherwise, it seems to function OK.....but its not able to play.....The tech said it was some of the micro switches, but could not get a replacement part since its that old. Would appreciate any input on how to fix it.

Otherwise, I am happy to report that the one I bought in ebay is working very good. I have tried some of my old records, however will need to clean them.....Its good to hear it singing again after so many years not hearing vinyl. However, I will like to be able to fix my old PL-520. It's being with me for more than 30 years.


Pioneer PL-520

I am right in the process of repairing and adhusting the Pioneer PL-520 Turntable. This is a great, well manufactured unit!. This is also a great site. Thanks for the information on the 520.