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Pioneer PL-512

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable (1978)

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pioneer pl-512 belt-drive turntable
Pioneer PL-512


The Pioneer PL-512 is a 2-speed, belt-driven turntable with static balance type s-shaped tonearm.

The PL-512XD has a walnut grain vinyl finish and comes fitted with the PC-135 phono cartridge; the PL-512X is identical but has a black vinyl finish and no cartridge.


Type: manual turntable

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 4-pole synchronous

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.055% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 65dB

Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Tonearm: static balance type, pipe arm (s-shaped)

Effective length: 221mm

Overhang: 15.5mm

Usable cartridge weight: 4 to 10g

Dimensions: 440 x 365 x 132mm

Weight: 6.5kg


service manual  English - cubiclecrusher

X instruction/owners manual  English

XD instruction/owners manual  English

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I have a PL-512 in working order and I just need to buy the stylus for it. It's my fathers old one and it came with and audio-technica stylus. I was curious as to which stylus would work.

PL512 Turntable

Hope you still have the turntable which I would like to purchase from you.
Fortunately I am In CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA would like to hear from you by corresponding to me You are welcome. thank you very much and have a nice day.. ASAP anytime 24/7. PL512 Pioneer.or PL420. Thanks!!

pioneer PL-512

hi, i'm thinking of buying a pioneer PL-512 is there anyone who has one or had one that could give me some imformation thanks, at the moment i'm useing my pioneer PL-12D which has never let me down in the past 30 or so years. Thanks Pete.

Are You Still Thinking Of Buying A Pioneer PL-512 ?

Hello petezappa :
I Have Read Your Information You Have Posted About Pioneer PL-512.

Are You Still Looking To Buy One?

I Still Have My Origional Pioneer Pioneer PL-512 Turntable,It Is Still In Excellent Working & Cosmetic Condition.

Along With My Pioneer PL-512 Is It's Origional Box From When I Bought It & The Little Pioneer Oil For The Turntable.

What I Do Not Have Is The Origional Headshell Or It's Needle.

I Already Gave That Away To My Cousin Who Is Still Into His Record's LOL.

If You Are Interested In Buying My Pioneer PL-512, Let Me Know, Also Let Me Know How Much You Are Looking To Pay For One.

I Can Send You Pictures If You Are Interested, Just Let Me Know.


pioneer PL-512

hi yes i'm intrested just missed one on ebay by any chance do you live in the UK.
kind regards pete.

Pioneer 512

Hi Pete,I have a pioneer pl512 which is in pristine condition an I'm looking to sell,are you interested?

Pioneer PL-521x

Hi I have just been out & got the Pioneer PL-521x I only paid £10 for it with the state it was in it had been in the loft of the person's house since 1988 I didn't know what I was getting I was going to use the arm on a Pioneer PL-740 that is quartz drive my god the PL-521x is outstanding why did pioneer go down the road of plastic bodys on there decks when they made a deck like this in the mid 1970s I have fitted a new belt and got a Pioneer M6 MC stylus for the PL-521x & it's 100 times better than any deck I have had in the past even a rega planar & this beats it by far for build & sound I will say this the 1970s that was the best time to buy a record deck as 30+ years later there still going strong, I have now put away the Pioneer PL-740 as a back up as the Pioneer PL-521x beats it for sound & build & for £10 you can't go wrong