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Pioneer PL-112D

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable

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pioneer pl-112d belt-drive turntable
Pioneer PL-112D


A host of features enhance the convenience and performance of the Pioneer PL-112D turntable.

Among these are a lightweight, high rigidity aluminium headshell, low capacitance output cord, free stop dust cover hinges that allow easy installation and removal, and an oil damped tonearm elevation mechanism to protect valuable records and stylus.


Type: manual turntable

Drive method: belt drive

Motor: 4-pole synchronous

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.07% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: more than 63dB

Platter: 300mm aluminium die-cast

Tonearm: static balance type, pipe arm (s-shaped)

Effective length: 221mm

Overhang: 15.5mm

Usable cartridge weight: 4 to 10g

Dimensions: 440 x 362 x 159mm

Weight: 5.2kg


service manual  English

HGT instruction/owners manual  English - AdriLenco

Q/QT instruction/owners manual  English

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New drivebelt and headshell for PL-112D

Hi- I am new to this forum and try to find out about my old Pioneer PL-112D- my old turntabel from the 80´I was happy to have found again in my mothers old house! The drivebelt and headshell is missing. Do anybody now some good place where I can get new replacements on the web?
Thank you very much! :-)

how to fit a belt

could someone tell me how to fit a belt on to my pioneer PL 110A. I have never done it befor and cant find any pictures on the nett that show me how its done.. Please

What is a good cartridge/stylus for PL 112-D

Hello-I purchased a used PL 112-D and it came with an Audio Technica cartridge DR 200E and the stylus was gone...What is a compatible cartridge and stylus. I am not savy enough to know what toget. Thanks!

Cartridge for PL-112D

Hi dadsturntable. I use an Audio-Technica AT110E on my 112 and it is a good match and sounds excellent. I would also recommend the Audio-Technica AT95E which is slightly more expensive
Here is link to a UK supplier:
and a US supplier:

Pioneer Pl-D cartridge

Hello dasturntable,
The entry level AT cartridge will work great on this turntable, if you need a better one the Sure range make some good ones. Ihave used a Shure M75ED type & M73em Type 2 Ebay is a good place to start looking.

Pioneer PL_112D turntable

Hey Y'all, new to this forum, any forum for that matter and was hoping for some help with a PL-112D turntable that i just bought. My question is does anyone know if the tone arm is to retract at the end of the album and the turntable stops? Or is it all manual?

Pioneer Pl12D

Hi K2tree,
I own one of these turntables, and they are the manuel type, that do not return at the end of the record


Picked one up today

Just found one at a yard sale. They wanted $15... my wife offered $10, and we got it for $12!! Great deal!

The PL112D

Astonishingly good value (around £50-60 in the late 70's) they are surprisingly capable. The first item to get rid of is the original headshell. Replace it with an SME or ADC item, fit a decent cartridge (the Ortofon VMS30 is a great match) and you're away!

If you can find a well cared for example, grab it with both hands!

The motor needs regular oiling and the main platter bearing can dry out over time. I last purchased a new bearing assy. from Pioneer around 1992, though resurrecting the old one proved to be an easy task.

John W

Pioneer Pl-112D

Hi john - I saw your post where you restored the platter bearing. Can you tell me what type of grease you used in it? I can't seem to find one that is the right viscosity. Whatever I put in seems too thick and slows the platter. Thanks!

What type of grease?

Hi the groke

Best grease to use is a light bicycle grease. Most bike shops will either sell it, or use it in their service workshop and may spot you some for free (my local did). You only need a little.

Auto grease is too thick.