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Pink Triangle LPT

Belt-Drive Turntable (1990)

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Pink Triangle LPT


In-spite of its lowish market price, The Little Pink Thing has been designed with as much, if not more, attention to engineering detail than turntables costing between two and five times the price. One look at the product should convince the sceptic that we need say no more.

Though understandably not as sophisticated a piece of engineering as the costlier Pink Triangle PT TOO turntable, The Little Pink Thing nevertheless represented a challenge to our design abilities and established engineering flair and excellence.

At half its big brothers' price, yet without sacrificing a high-end sound quality, The Little Pink Thing has necessarily forsaken some of the state of the art principles of operation and materials employed in The Pink Triangle PT TOO design.

Compared sonically, The Little Pink Things' limitations are to be found solely in the area of overall mid-range transparency. But as the PT TOO has no near rivals here, it is a small sacrifice indeed.

What we have maintained, however, is our fundamental belief in the turntables' necessity to be as neutral and inconsequential to the Hi-Fi system as possible.


Type: manual, belt drive

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.1%

Rumble: 74dB

Dimensions: 450 x 436 x 155


The LPT excels in depth, transparency and neutrality, and here it has few, if any, peers in this price range - £350 (std), $404 (piano black) HFN December 1990


instruction/owners manual  English - abril

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